Monday, January 15, 2018

Pisces February 2018

Pisces Love February 2018

There is a desire for unorthodox romance and the pursuit of romance in a way that is unconventional. So Pisces are ready for a Valentine’s Day that is highly original and also action packed. You will not just sit back and allow this month to pass you by romantically, and you will do what you have to, to spice things up in your marriage and get the ball rolling in the bedroom.

Love this month is all about imagination, and Valentine gifts should be unique and personalised rather than mere material tokens. A piece of poetry or music will inspire you far more than chocolates or perfume as you want to know that there was thought or feeling behind it. Likewise, you will concentrate on giving your partner a Valentine’s Day that is memorable regarding the thoughtfulness and the initiative that you have taken.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Aquarius February 2018

Aquarius Love February 2018

This year is a very good one indeed to find a partner who you connect with on a deep level. You must be open-minded in relationships as the best ones will happen quite spontaneously and often when you least expect it. Love this year will come looking for you; it may even creep up behind and bite you. You need to drop all your preconceptions about what the ‘perfect relationship’ is and that goes for those looking for love and those already married or involved. Do not judge your relationship in a conventional way as this is a time when the spiritual and mysterious side of relationships is more important than the material things.