Friday, October 27, 2017

1 to7 January 2018 Weekly Love Horoscope


Settled? Well this new year, your partner needs to realise that you're a star on life's stage not just a handy cook, housemaid, caretaker or whatever, but someone with spirit and spiritual joy and a sense of personal direction.  With a powerful cosmic line-up between Uranus and Pluto, there will inevitably be conflicts of interest. Partners in battle, domestic assumptions taken too far. And it's up to you to look in the mirror and smile at yourself.  This time, knowing that the fire within is burning, and that your partner or new admirer will just have to respect your personal goals and determination to succeed. The latter being the way you can turn love into the perfect romantic dish of the day. Forget the oven, it's your heat which will be the catalyst for revitalised passion.


Now I'm not suggesting that you're a world-weary 'nought's had, all's spent where our desire is got without content,' Macbeth type, neither that you are going to the extreme of wanting 24/7 clandestine love or torrid passion, or on a rampant quest to find it.  But there does seem to be extremes of feeling and action working through you right now. As if one day you see life as a flat millpond, and others when you yearn for passion. This is normal, this is the 'bete-noir' if you like, of being a Taurus.

25 to 31 December 2017 Weekly Love Horoscope


If single, maybe you fear ever falling in love again. It's dangerous, you can get hurt. If attached, you begin to hate your partner more than love them. Why don't they know how you feel? Why don't they intuitively sense when you're down or need to be held? They are very few of us willing to accept our innate clairvoyant abilities in the world. You'll be glad to hear, this week, it's all about chucking out the old, making a fresh start, anything other than being stuck in the pit with the bad feelings or the pain. Gradually you can let go and move on. Gradually you are waking up to the fact that you're worth more than feeling inadequate or unwanted or rejected or lonely.

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