Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Horoscope: September 01, 2014

Aries Weekly Horoscope September 2014

A favorite dream becomes real! You pull down the biggest prize in a store contest you entered ages ago. You’re really going to have fun with these winnings!
Let the family know where you stand. Someone may be upset and want too much, but not for long. You’ve got money smarts, and your loved ones know it. In the end you’ll get your way!
An old sweetie rings your bell!

Taurus Weekly Horoscope September 2014

Shape up your nest! Let an up-to-the-minute friend show you waht needs to be done. It’s time your place looked as good as you do!
You’re in the mood to spend money on good things – and that cash is coming from a bonus you’ve earned but didn’t think you were going to get. Congratulations!
Loved ones do nice things for you – back rubs and a special dish.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope September 2014

You’re a big winner! You’ll love what you win, too, in that store contest you filled out an entry blank for way last year.
Go out and have fun riding all over town – and include the family in the goings-on. They’ll love you for it!
Feelings of love will hit you hard on Tuesday. Follow up with cards and candy and whatever it takes to make you both feel smoochy.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope September 2014

Don’t fret! You’re doing everything just right. Those sad sacks stop complaining on Wednesday. That’s when you show them what taking care of business really means.
A loved one really enjoys being around you, so give them a treat and take them out for the night.
What you’ve been looking for is in a sale ad in a statewide paper.

Leo Weekly Horoscope September 2014

Go for what excites you! Rearrange your life so that you don’t spend time with boring people. Tell your sweetie it’s time to shape up or ship out.
Start using that energy you’re so proud of. Get ahead in the money game your own way. Put that plan that’s just barely legal in action. It’ll work!
That buddy who’ll never let you down needs a hand. Give it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Horoscope 2015 Cancer Money, Career and Health

Cancer 2015 Money

A Leo Lunar Eclipse on February 9 falls in your 2nd House of Resources, which could put some pressure on your finances. Returning an expensive item or cutting back on your elaborate lifestyle might not be your first choice, but it’s better than borrowing money and increasing debt. That perfect whatever that you can’t live without just might be more than you really can live with. Generous Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in your 8th House of Shared Resources reveal potential profitability via investments and partners this year. Idealism backed by careful research is a winning combination, but speculation based on a hunch or unsupported feelings could be costly.

Cancer 2015 Career

Assimilate growth slowly this year, for boundless Jupiter in theoretical Aquarius is countered by Saturn in Virgo’s need to master technical details. Executing your work skillfully, demonstrating a high level of competence, and communicating effectively can turn a short-term opportunity into a long-term position. Venus, the planet of beauty and sociability, shifts into reverse gear in your 10th House of Career on March 6 and will remain retrograde until April 17. You may need to reevaluate on-the-job relationships, reconnect with professional contacts, and cut expenses to maintain your current status. Reuniting with old colleagues can be helpful, especially if you’re looking for different employment or trying to stir up new business. Mars, the ruler of your 10th House, makes a stubborn square from earthy Taurus to visionary Jupiter and Neptune on July 6 that can stretch you thin with overcommitment or excess responsibility. Temper expansive tendencies with a more realistic view of your limitations.

Cancer 2015 Health

Jupiter, the ruler of your 6th House of Health, is sensitized by three conjunctions with fuzzy Neptune, which can make diagnoses more difficult. However, you’re also likely to be more responsive to subtle forms of healing such as homeopathy, visualization, and gentle massage. The Solar Eclipse on the last degree of your sign on July 21 could spawn symptoms related to previous illnesses. Fortunately, liberating Uranus’s creative trine to the eclipse allows you to rapidly adjust your responses and send any pesky pain on its way. The message is that your willingness to change is a critical asset in maintaining your physical well-being.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Horoscope 2015 Taurus Money, Career and Health

Taurus 2015 Career

Generous Jupiter in your 10th House of Status can earn you a higher profile professionally this year. Flexible thinking and being a good team player are keys to taking advantage of this planetary opportunity. No matter how right you believe you are, remain open to alternative views for harmony with colleagues, clients, and even the general public. Success now comes from exploring uncharted waters and permitting inventiveness and intuition to guide you as much as common sense. Jupiter’s conjunctions with dreamy Neptune on May 27, July 10, and December 21 might you to Fantasyland, so be careful about the commitments you make. You will be uplifted by your idealism yet so carried away by it that you lose sight of the basic principles that have brought you this far.

Taurus 2015 Money

Over the long term, your finances look reasonably solid. Still, with Jupiter, the ruler of your 8th House of Shared Resources, conjuncting spacey Neptune three times this year, you should avoid speculative investments and unsecured loans. Financially astute Venus, your key planet, is retrograde March 6–April 17, hampering your usually sharp sense of value. Steer clear of large financial commitments during this period. Mercury, the ruler of your 2nd House of Resources, is retrograde May 6–June 30, demanding cautious money management to eliminate any questionable purchases and errors in paperwork.

Taurus 2015 Health

Venus is the planetary ruler of both Taurus and your 6th House of Health and Habits, making her retrograde period of March 6–April 17 one of your most physically vulnerable times of the year. Retreat from the world to rest, recuperate, and focus on your own needs rather than draining yourself with too much work and play. Energetic Mars is in Taurus from May 31 through July 11—a time when you have more energy to burn and increased stamina. A lack of exercise can leave you irritated, but overexertion is counterproductive. Establish a regular pattern of movement that gently stretches your muscles and increases your endurance rather than trying to do too much, too fast.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Horoscope 2015 Aries Money, Career and Health

Aries 2015 Career

Taskmaster Saturn in perfectionist Virgo remains in your 6th House of Work through October 29, demanding that you attend to details both on the job and at home. Meanwhile, Saturn opposes erratic Uranus on February 5 and September 15 in a long-term cycle that began November 4, 2014, and lasts through the summer of 2015. Unexpected disruptions at work can be upsetting, yet they also point out key areas of dissatisfaction. You may feel even more restless than usual and constrained by the direction of your current career path. Make changes to increase your freedom, but don’t turn your world upside down just because you are bored.

Aries 2015 Money

Financial gains come not by leaps and bounds this year, but rather through incremental advances that grow slowly and steadily. You must pay close attention to your work and get the job done as efficiently as possible if you want to make more money. There are, however, a few challenges along the way. Venus rules your 2nd House of Income, so her retrograde on March 6–April 17 can present financial problems if an opportunity produces less compensation than expected. Consolidate an old debt or reconsider a current investment strategy on May 7–30, when Mercury is retrograde in your 2nd House. The New Moon Eclipse on July 21 has Venus tensely squaring Saturn, indicating a possible shortfall of cash during the summer if you don’t manage your resources carefully.

Aries 2015 Health

Quicksilver Mercury rules your 6th House of Health and Habits, so its movements point to clues about your physical condition. Each of Mercury’s retrogrades this year begins in a thoughtful air sign and then backs up into a practical earth sign, indicating that even after you know what’s healthy, you still must turn it into actual practice. These three retrograde periods—from January 11 to February 1, May 7 to May 30, and September 6 to September 29—represent windows of opportunity for you to take constructive action that enhances your physical well-being. Additionally, with hardworking Saturn moving through your 6th House until October 29, any health challenges will clearly show you where you need to make changes.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Horoscope 2015 Gemini Money, Career and Health

Gemini 2015 Career

Little will discourage you in your quest for success this year, even when you’re facing challenging issues, but it’s hard to tell where your idealistic optimism fades into outright denial. Fill in your dreams with as many details as possible when Jupiter and Neptune hook up on May 27, July 10, and December 21. Positive thinking is useful, but avoiding the truth can set the stage for difficult setbacks around March 22–27 and August 19. You may feel the frustration most strongly when Saturn opposes Uranus in your professional 10th House on February 5 and September 19. All in all, this is a transitional year professionally, and it may be well into 2016 before you fully understand where the current changes are taking you.

Gemini 2015 Money

This year’s lunar eclipses tell a story of change, for your 2nd House of Money is ruled by the Moon. The dramatic Leo Full Moon Eclipse on February 9 falls in your 3rd House of Communication. Its quincunx to Uranus suggests that you may receive unexpected information, suddenly changing your financial picture. The intelligent Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse on August 5 in your 9th House of Higher Education indicates the need for on-the-job training to increase your earning power. The security-conscious Cancer Full Moon Eclipse on December 31 activates your financial 2nd House. Its opposition to valuable Venus in your 8th House of Shared Resources suggests that changes in a business relationship can positively impact your bank account.

Gemini 2015 Health

Set physical goals early in the year when Mars, the ruler of your 6th House of Health, joins confident Jupiter on February 17, healing Chiron on March 5, and spiritual Neptune on March 8. Visualize your body in a happy and healthy state, for what you imagine now can manifest if you’re willing to work for what you want. Your efforts may be blocked when Mars opposes stern Saturn and joins surprising Uranus on April 15. Don’t accept self-imposed limitations, though: You can push beyond them with relentless insistence. Pluto, the co-ruler of your 6th House, squares Saturn on November 15, possibly requiring you to demonstrate your resilience by overcoming a minor problem. Take special care of yourself or you might face exhaustion as tensions build toward the end of the year.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekly Horoscope 2014: August 25-31

Aries Weekly Horoscope August 2014
Stretch out your palm! A relative is trying to give you soem cash you could really use – but you’re not picking up on the “helping hand” signals.
Take it! And don’t worry about paying it back – it’s yours to keep!
Go all out to impress a special someone. Any sprucing up you do will be noticed and appreciated.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope August 2014
You can’t lose! The mail brings you the chance to take a wild gamble on what could be the contest of a lifetime. Go for it!
A sweetie needs some encouragement to get over the dumps. See what a silly little gift will do.
A surprise phone call from a distance gives you a warm feeling.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope August 2014
Pull out all the stops! Celebrate whatever’s going on, even if it doesn’t seem like much. The family needs a night they’ll all remember for years!
A nagging problem will vanish into thin air if you’ll just sit down and think it over quietly for an hour.
Look for moneymaking opportunities around the home. Pick one and it’ll be like money in the bank!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope August 2014
Say “yes!” You can settle a dragged-out dispute right now by agreeing to whatever’s proposed. You won’t lose out by giving in!
You’ve had your eye on what everyone else says is a “scheme.” It will be a moneymaker for you alone if you just have faith – and give it enough time to mature.
Choose between sweethearts. It’s not nice to string them along!