Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Horoscope 2014: September 22

Aries Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Go out and have some fun! You have energy to spare right now and can afford to kick up your heels for a day or two.
Avoid stressful encounters. It would just put a damper on your fun, and not be good for your mental health either.
Pay attention to a conversation between two people who aren’t aware you’re listening. You’ll pick up a worthwhile financial tip.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Keep your sights up! Work on settling long-range projects instead of wasting time with daily problems. You’ll get the rewards you crave sooner than you imagine.
Use your common sense to do the right thing if someone you’re fond of tries to take advantage of you. THey don’t mean any real harm. Be firm, but fair.
A frozen heart is thawed!

Gemini Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Be flexible. Be loose! A wild and crazy opportunity to enjoy yourself will come your way at an outing this weekend. But you won’t have a good time unless you learn to relax.
Rely on your natural friendliness to help you with a mixed-up money situation. You’re able to talk your way out of anything this week.
Someone’s looking your way!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Relax and keep cool! If you don’t lose your temper or get ruffled in an unfortunate situation, you’ll come out the winner – just like always.
Deal with any major decisions calmly and methodically. It will pay big dividends in your financial future.
If you don’t make decisions, they will be made for you. And you know you’re happiest when you’re in control.

Leo Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Good news is on the horizon! And all you have to do is wait for your ship to dock.
Money problems that have been worrying you will soon disappear, so there’s no need to let financial concerns get you down.
See special friends and loved ones as much as possible. Take the time to let them know just how special they are. They’ll be delighted, and you’ll be rewarded.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope September 2014 

Don’t be bullheaded! Share your problems. There’s someone just longing to help, but you need to ask. Remember a problem shared is halved and a joy shared is doubled. So spread some joy around, too.
Don’t be shy about letting someone know how you feel – speak up! They’re going to love what you say.
Look at issues objectively.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gemini October 2014

If you felt pushed to your limits last month, you now have time to catch your breath, integrate the recent changes, and reestablish a manageable pace of life. Your key planet, Mercury, is again moving direct, which frees you to entertain new ideas and learn fresh ways to interact with others. But first the communication must move through the waning Saturn-Uranus opposition, offering you another chance to put last month’s successes and failures into a healthy perspective.

Mercury opposes erratic Uranus on October 4, possibly shocking you with a wild card in the form of someone who behaves outrageously to provoke a swift and critical response from you. Mercury catches up to authoritative Saturn on October 8, testing the validity of your logic while infusing you with the strength of your convictions.

The enthusiastic Aries Full Moon on October 4 falls in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes, increasing your desire to find like-minded people with whom you can share your fantastic dreams. The lovely Libra New Moon on October 18 can be a magical time as long as you don’t try to micromanage others, while the Sun’s entry into intense Scorpio and your 6th House of Self-Improvement on October 23 brings your attention back to the details of your own affairs.

Saturn steps over the threshold into Libra and leans its weight on your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression on October 29, a powerful shift that will take a couple of years to play out in its entirety. The reawakening of your inner child is not just a flash in the pan; you must summon extra effort to integrate your creative and playful side with your outer adult world.

Taurus October 2014

The process ofredefining your professional life begins this month as successful Jupiter goes direct in your 10th House of Career on October 12.This vocational emphasis is reinforced when disciplined Saturn enters your 6th House of Work and Service on October 29. Jupiter expands your vision and increases opportunities for greater recognition and more fulfilling responsibilities. Saturn suggests that additional training may be required to achieve these potentials.

Several planets in relationship-oriented air signs underscore your ability to work with others as a critical element to reaching your goals. The impatient Aries Full Moon on October 4, however, stirs hidden desires—perhaps even an urge to run away from it all. This is a reminder of how important it is to take breaks from the stresses of daily life. A relaxing hobby, physical activity, or spiritual pursuit with no connection to your job is a not a waste of time, but an essential factor in maintaining good health and productivity.

Domestic challenges are possible when assertive Mars enters brash Leo and your 4th House of Home and Family on October 16, followed by a testy quincunx with Pluto on October 18. You can turn dramatic emotions in a constructive direction by clearing out unneeded objects and outdated attitudes that stand in the way of making your living space more reflective of your highest values.

The gracious Libra New Moon, also on October 18, forms a forgiving trine with sympathetic Neptune, helping you release past grievances and become more open to cooperative alliances on the job. Your feelings of insecurity, or those of your co-workers, can be significantly reduced if you step back and take a strategic approach rather than allowing your immediate impulses to rule.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aries October 2014

As an Aries, you are usually more concerned with self-expression than with how your actions affect others. This month, however, with planets in relationship-oriented Libra— the Sun until October 23, Mercury on October 9–28, and Venus joining the pack October 14—you focus on everyone but you. The dilemma you face is a familiar one: How do you stay true to yourself while being supportive of other people’s desires? The movement of these planets through Libra offers you some much-needed balance as you learn more about successful cooperation.

It’s crucial that you focus on establishing social harmony, for slow-moving Saturn enters Libra on October 29—where it stays until October 5, 2017—setting a long-term theme for the next few years. You are required to seriously reevaluate your relationship to the world as you see yourself reflected in the reactions of others. Although such ambitious concerns may be a bit beyond your current thinking, identity issues are now activated that you will be processing for a longtime.

The impetuous Aries Full Moon on October 4in your 1st House of Self reinforces your need for independence, while the Sun in your 7th House of Others forces you to take someone else’s perspective into consideration.

The New Moon in artistic Libra on October 18is trine imaginative Neptune, tempting you to repaint the hard, cold facts of reality with the dreamy magic of your fantasies. Although this can be great for personal expression, it may not be as useful for practical planning. A difficult quincunx between assertive Mars and immovable Pluto adds complexity to this otherwise spiritual day. Don’t fall prey to fear—yours or anyone else’s.

Aries October 2014 Key Dates

Horoscope 2015 Capricorn Money, Career and Health

Capricorn 2015 Money

Your 2nd House of Income is the stage for an action-packed year as it hosts benevolent Jupiter, blessing you with opportunities to accumulate wealth. In May, July, and December, Jupiter joins Chiron and Neptune—two planets related to nonmaterial concerns—so it’s important to measure your prosperity in relationship to your spiritual well-being. Of course it’s not enough to envision the universe as abundant; you must follow through with a solid action plan. Cautious risk taking will be rewarded as austere Saturn and radical Uranus—the co-rulers of your resourceful 2nd House—engage in a tug-of-war that intensifies on February 5 and September 15. Be willing to take a chance, but remember that this destabilizing aspect will continue to bring surprising twists and turns to financial matters through July 26, 2016.

Capricorn 2015 Career

Your key planet, Saturn, tells the story this year as it moves through your 9th House of Future Vision, giving you a very pragmatic view of your road to success. Fortunately, you aren’t easily discouraged, even if rapid growth through 2014—when excessive Jupiter was in your ambitious sign—raised your expectations to unrealistic levels. Now, however, you must reinforce your professional foundation and prepare for Saturn’s entry into fair-minded Libra and your 10th House of Career on October 29. This is the beginning of a karmic phase that will last a couple of years—a time when you will be justly compensated for your previous efforts.

Capricorn 2015 Health

Quicksilver Mercury rules your 6th House of Health, leaving your body very susceptible to the influence of your mind. Mercury’s retrograde turn on January 11 in your 2nd House of Self-Worth marks the beginning of a threeweek phase when you can strengthen your health by building your selfesteem. Activities that make you feel better about yourself also bolster your immune system. Improve your diet and exercise regimen when Mercury enters your 6th House on April 30. Career obligations could drain your energy and compromise your health when Mercury turns retrograde in your 10th House of Public Responsibility on September 7. Practice mind-body relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation—anything that takes your mind off the stress at work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Horoscope 2015 Sagittarius Money, Career and Health

Sagittarius 2015 Money

Stable Saturn, the ruler of your 2nd House of Resources, opposes eccentric Uranus on February 5 and September 15, setting the stage for fluctuations in income. Don’t worry too much about these financial ups and downs, though— they can point to possible breakthroughs in developing new skills and earning more money. Misinformation may seem costly when a Lunar Eclipse in controlling Capricorn falls in your 2nd House on July 7. However, Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, forms a supportive trine to this Full Moon, providing maturity and guidance to show you a safe way out of a scary economic situation.

Sagittarius 2015 Career

Your patience with handling seemingly minor details may be critical to professional success this year, for exacting Saturn in Virgo is in your 10th House of Career until October 29. Sharpening the tools of your trade can maintain your interest in your job and even prepare you for a promotion. Saturn’s opposition to restless Uranus on February 5 and September 10, though, builds tension in the workplace. An unreasonable boss or unruly underlings can spark your desire to make a radical change, yet an impulsive reaction is unlikely to be a long-term solution. Think things through carefully to provide a solid foundation for an unconventional idea or to be bold in managing your professional life. And be sure to create a place to land before you make a leap.

Sagittarius 2015 Health

The optimistic and forward-looking nature of your fiery sign sometimes leaves you less than sensitive to your own well-being. This year Jupiter, the ruling planet of your 1st House of Physicality, tracks closely with impressionable Neptune and healing Chiron to heighten awareness of your health and vitality. You needn’t be frightened by mysterious symptoms—but you shouldn’t ignore them, either. You’re probably fine, but you are learning to tune in and listen more carefully to the state of your body. Working with subtle methods such as homeopathy, energetic healing, prayer, and meditation will make you more aware of the connections among mind, body, and spirit. A key period for selfcare is the Mercury retrograde cycle of May 6–30, which hangs up in your 6th House of Health and Habits. Refining your patterns of diet and exercise, as well as reducing stress, can help resolve nagging issues.