Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pisces August 2014

Minor adjustments done well are much more valuable this month than dramatic moves. An awkward quincunx between expansive Jupiter and contractive Saturn on August 19 requires you to scale back an idea that’s running away with itself. The reappearance of this aspect—which began on March 22 and finishes on February 5, 2015—is not meant to quash your dreams but to bring them down to a scale where you can shepherd them into reality. Consider constructive input from others, yet don’t pull back because of someone else’s doubts or fears. Combining small but positive steps with the magic you feel is the winning formula.

The Full Moon in unconventional Aquarius on August 5 is a Lunar Eclipse that falls in your 12th House of Escapism, tempting you to run away from your responsibilities. However, active Mars in multitalented Gemini trines the Full Moon to provide alternative ways to meet your obligations.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Aquarius August 2014

It’s easy to let go of expectations, attitudes, habits, and individuals that no longer fit in your life with the Lunar Eclipse in emotionally detached Aquarius on August 5. Usually, losses associated with eclipses in your sign can be painful, but flexible Mars in Gemini makes an efficient trine to this Full Moon, allowing you to effortlessly release what you don’t need. Jupiter forms a quincunx with strict Saturn on August 19, delaying your expansion plans—or forcing adjustments. This is the second in a series of challenging aspects that began on March 22 and finishes on February 5, 2015.

The high hopes and grand visions fed by Jupiter in your sign are countered by Saturn in methodical Virgo, forcing you to handle mundane matters on the way to making your dreams come true. This might feel like a detour, but carefully managing specific details is essential to reaching your long-term goals.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Capricorn August 2014

The summer provides you with a healthy reality check, enabling you to integrate some of the most positive changes that have already begun to unfold in your life. You can take a fresh look at whatever opportunities you’re considering, which are less overwhelming now as retrograde Jupiter in your 2nd House of Personal Resources backs away from the hopeful Chiron-Neptune conjunction throughout the month. Expansive Jupiter forms an irritable quincunx with repressive Saturn on August 19. This is a long-lasting aspect that can have you doubting yourself even when everything appears to be going well.

The progressive Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse on August 5 falls in your 2nd House and can tilt your fortune one way or another, bringing a financial surprise or an unexpected hitch to a current plan. But this Full Moon is opposite the generous Leo Sun in your 8th House of Shared Resources, signaling that it would be smart to work closely in business with a partner who has a stake in your current activities.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sagittarius August 2014

No matter how much fun others are having, your attention is drawn to work this month. Mental Mercury points in a professional direction by entering task-oriented Virgo in your 10th House of Career on August 2. Sharpening your skills and managing details with greater care will enhance your job status. The Sun’s ingress into methodical Virgo on August 22 puts you in the spotlight, where you can shine by demonstrating competence, confidence, leadership, and self-discipline. If your vocation is unfulfilling, though, your discontent is likely to become more obvious. It’s clear that you need intellectual stimulation when a Lunar Eclipse in airy Aquarius illuminates your 3rd House of Information on August 5. This Full Moon is supported by an assertive trine from Mars that strengthens your communication skills and helps you transform complex ideas into innovative actions.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekly Horoscope: July 21, 2014

Good news is coming! Crossing your fingers and praying has worked. That chance you need to get ahead and earn a lot is going to land in your lap this week.
Worries about money will fly right out the door. You’ll feel comfortable – and be able to buy yourself some edible treats – with a new budget.
A sweetie will play hard to get. Play along! You’ll both have fun!

You see things as they really are! Your gut feeling about what’s been happening turns out to be right and you have the last laugh.
You should start reaping some big-time benefits, including some cash, from your insights. Spend some of that nice new money and squirrel some away.
Turn on that reliable ol’ charm. Someone you love needs to be charmed into feeling cuddly.

Rev yourself up! Count on loved ones demanding your company. They’ll expect you to be irresistible so you better be ready to look good.
The urge to fling your hard-earned money around and buy something silly is eating into you. Give into your desire as long as you don’t go over five bucks!
Don’t give in to bullying about where to go on vacation. Be firm.

Take someone for a ride! Get your sweetie alone in a closed vehicle where you can go over things in peace and quiet. You’ll find a little privacy works wonders.
Tread carefully on Thursday when dealing with money. If you’ve got a hole in your pocket, this is the time for it to show up.
Give yourself a little daily lift – eat candy or drink a soda.

Scorpio August 2014

Flexibility isn’t your forte, Scorpio, and it’s likely to be tested this month by the complicated comings and goings of optimists, pessimists, rule makers, and rule breakers. Your co-ruling planet Mars flits through flighty Gemini in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation until August 25, forming aspects with five planets along the way. Learning how to alter your responses to meet each situation will strengthen relationships and earn you support; otherwise your unyielding reactions can drive people away.

The Full Moon in unorthodox Aquarius on August 5 is a Lunar Eclipse in your 4th House of Family that may rattle cages on the home front. You might feel a strong drive for freedom and a desire to flee your obligations. Whether this itch for change is yours or belongs to someone close to you, clever Mars in Gemini forms a creative trine to the Full Moon, showing you ways in which contrasting needs can be met without undermining your emotional security.