Tuesday, July 18, 2017

All Zodiac Signs Love Horoscope 2018


Aries Love Horoscope 2018

Love-affairs will have more sweetness after 14th July as Jupiter’s transit to 5th house will make you more romantic, and misunderstandings between the lovers and the beloveds will diffuse. However, Saturn’s retrograde motion between March and August may cause the danger of exposure of your secret love affairs. But during this phase your friends will be quite helpful. You may meet some of your long lost friend who will give you full emotional and even financial help. You’ll feel much obliged. You’ll also be ever willing to help your any distressed friend.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2018

The Taurus natives will have their full enjoyment in their love affairs. But, owing to the position of Saturn in 7th most of them may get exposed, disturbing the family life. Also, a third party interference may create many unwanted misunderstandings. Jupiter in 3rd may make you come forward to help some of your distressed friend. New friends will broaden your friends circle, although you must be guarded about your foes activities.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2018

The Gemini natives are by nature emotional and they become sentimental very soon. They may get success in their love-affairs but the exposure of the same may cause serious tension at home. Remember that prohibitive love escapades may ruin your reputation. Owing to Rahu’s position in 4th and Jupiter’s movement in the 3rd house from your sign after 14th July may expedite such exposures. Exalted Jupiter in 2nd (before 14th July) may inspire you to help someone really in need. Give that fellow money all right but after ensuring their payment after a given period. Friends will not be very cooperative but you’ll always be too willing to serve them in whatever way they want.


Cancer Love Horoscope 2018

May have up umpteen occasions for romance and love. The relations between the beloveds and their lovers will be quite sweet. But you should be very choosy and careful about your friends as they might prove more dangerous than even your enemy. However, for married persons, finding a balance between flirting love-bouts and family life will be quite irksome.


Leo Love Horoscope 2018

In love-affairs this shall be a favourable year for the Leo natives as you’ll succeed on your love-ambitions. Between March & August, owing to Saturn’s retrogression some of your love-affairs may be exposed, casting unpleasant impact on your family relations. But your friends will be fully supportive in their sphere. Also, it is time you tested who is your real friend and who is not. Nevertheless you shall always be ready to help your needy and distressed friends.


Virgo Love Horoscope 2018

The Mars-Venus combination in 5th will get you good amount of success in love affairs. You’ll come forward to help the needy friends. Owing to the planetary configuration you may get good occasions to have love relations but you won’t be able to keep them secret which may cause you some social embarrassment. You’ll have good time with the old friends and shall also get new friends a plenty with whom you’ll lovingly share your weal and woe.


Libra Love Horoscope 2018

Saturn in 2nd as the 5th lord in the beginning of the year will get you very many occasions for love-affairs but you should be careful lest they disturb your career prospects. Your friends will give you help whenever you need it. You shall also be helpful to your friends. Your love escapades may adversely effect your family life and even your profession or studies – so you must ensure that those are hidden in secrecy, else you’ll have your family atmosphere much tension-ridden.


Scorpio Love Horoscope 2018

Ketu in 5th may help the loving couples enjoy good time but they should care for other things in life as well. Rahu in 11th may expose some of your closely guarded secrets, causing tension in your domestic life. As far as friends are concerned be choosy in making them as some of them may act as the hidden enemies. Also never disclose your secrets to anyone, particularly during this phase. Finding a balance between your romance and family life may prove quite an ordeal for you.


Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2018

Not much help or cooperation should be expected from your friends during this year. Saturn’s retrogression phase may make your enemies or rivals spare no effort to outclass you. They may also hatch sinister conspiracies. As far as love affairs are concerned, you may have ample opportunities for them in the middle of the year. Lovers will have their rendezvous with their beloveds but you are advised to indulge least in such distractions. You’ll come forward to help your some needy friend in every possible way – financial, physical, emotional or even spiritual one. Your heart will bleed for them.


Capricorn Love Horoscope 2018

Friends will be very cooperative and will provide help when needed. This is also a grand year from loveaffair’s point of view, as you may have many love proposals. Venus, the lord of mutual attraction between male & female will be in your sign at the beginning of the year and you will surely a cynosure of all eyes. But be careful lest you may ruin your career because of love escapades. You will also extend a much needed support to your some distressed friend in the nick of the time and shall prove to be a true friend.


Aquarius Love Horoscope 2018

You could be quite active in romance but your affairs may not remain hidden in secrecy. Although Venus’s placement with Mars may make you more romance – prone, avoid such activities as they may distract you and cause tension in your family. Misunderstandings may also crop up frequently between the lover and beloved. Extra-marital affairs may cause much disturbance in your family.


Pisces Love Horoscope 2018

Keep all your love escapades at a safe distance as owing the Jupiter’s presence in 5th, you may get a plenty of love offers. But your indulgence in them may distract you and their exposure may cause much unrest in your family, career and even business/profession. This year your true friends will always remain quite helpful, although some sycophants may also come camouflaged as real friend. You have to be quite alert about such impersonations.

12 Sun Signs Horoscope 2018 Family and Relations


 Aries Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

A minor tension may permeate in the family this year. Progeny related worry is clearly foreseen. Saturn’s Dhaiyya and Jupiter’s transit in the 4th house may cause occasional tiff between father and son or between the spouses due to difference of opinion on some issues. Family property related dispute amongst brothers may turn serious. In the beginning of the year your sign lord Mars will be transiting its exalted house, ushering in a possibility of some auspicious occasion’s celebration in the family, and despite odd circumstances you will manage it positively and successfully. Saturn’s Dhaiyya effect will be there. Yet you must keep a vigilant eye over your progeny’s activities. Don’t put extra pressure on the kids for the studies, else tension may hamper their progress and their natural hidden talents. Let them have a free development. As far as your relations are concerned they will be with you till you have resources. Once they achieve their purpose they will start evading you. Marital relations, however, will be normal barring some occasional tiffs. Both the spouses will have consideration for each other. But the retrograde Saturn between March and August may cause health problem to a senior member of the family, forcing you to run to the hospital repeatedly. Due to the exalted Jupiter upto 14th July, you may attend some function or marriage in your larger family.


Taurus Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Taurus natives often take a wrong decision in their emotional vein as they, by nature, are sentimental. Family atmosphere may remain a bit tense as frequent but minor tiffs with the spouse are likely. The property related dispute with your siblings will be resolved well within time. Jupiter in 3rd may cause someone to pollute your brother’s or relative’s mind against you. But you must keep on working with your discretionary wisdom and tact. Marital differences may also arise because of Saturn’s position in 7th but you can resolve them with little prudence. Saturn’s retrograde motion may cause some problem to emerge about your progeny, education or marriage. After 14 th July, Jupiter’s transit to 4th house may make you receive some untoward news about some of your close relation. Be especially careful to your senior family members’ health. At that time your no other relation will come to help you.


Gemini Horoscope 2018: Family & Relations

Family atmosphere may remain somewhat tense during this year. At times differences between the spouses may surface. Progeny’s education, career or marriage may give rise to worries though such problems will be solved well within time. Some senior family member’s health may cause much concern and your repeated trips to hospital. Try to resolve differences among the family members through peaceful negotiation. Since Rahu will be in 4th and Ketu will be in 10th throughout the year, your relations may not be very cooperative. But your seniors will bless you lovingly and you’ll also be very obedient to them.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Health Horoscope 2018 for All Sun Signs


Aries Health Horoscope 2018

Rahu in 6th may not prove good for your health. You have to be extra careful about your food and drinks. Avoid heavy dishes and the junk food as they may upset your stomach. The retrograde Saturn between March and August may cause some leg or feet related problem, although despite your all professional engagements you’ll be more concerned about your health. The first half of the year may cause seasonal ailments, tension, depression or stomach related diseases as well. Avoid bad habits and any vile company. However, the second half may progressively keep your health better. Nevertheless, be careful especially about BP, blood sugar or heart related complications. Through Yoga and exercises physical movements you have to lead a well regulated life. Between April & Sept. an injury due to accident with some vehicle is possible. Hence be alert while driving your vehicle or moving on the street.

Taurus Health Horoscope 2018

Minor health related problems are indicated in this year 2018. Extra work pressure won’t let you care more for your physical comforts. A seasonal health related problem might surface with stomach upset. During Saturn’s retrograde motion period (March to August) keep your Yoga, exercise and food suitable timings regular and well thought out because a little lapse on your part may become a big trouble. Nevertheless no serious ailment will trouble you this year. However, your family’s senior members may need greater medical attention. Although Taurus natives are by nature lethargic but you’ll have to be more circumspect about your health this year for remaining fit.

Gemini Health Horoscope 2018

During this year the Gemini natives will enjoy much physical comfort. Saturn in 6th would ensure elimination of illness and enemies. Even the chronic problems will also remain in check. However, during Saturn’s retrogressive period be careful about seasonal ailments. During this phase some senior family member’s health may make you visit hospital repeatedly. But no serious trouble is likely to afflict you during this year. Nevertheless be careful about your diet. In the middle part of the year remain extra attentive while driving your vehicle as something unpleasant might happen. You may get hurt. However, be careful during the phase of changing seasons.

Cancer Health Horoscope 2018

Your health and physical comforts may remain rather fluctuating although no major trouble is foreseen. But Jupiter’s retrograde movement in your sign at the beginning of the year may give you minor cold-engendered diseases, upto 18th April. Be careful about your food and drinks. Mental depression, diabetes, blood pressure, or seasonal illness and stomach disorder may give you some trouble. Some senior family member’s ill health may also give much concern. Keep your diet frugal and exercise schedule well followed while not allowing any tension or illness to overpower you. Saturn in 5th may also cause some concern about your progeny’s health. You must take your medicines regularly if you want to ensure your good health.

Leo Health Horoscope 2018

This year may not let you enjoy good health or physical comforts for long. Health may remain fickle: seasonal illness, stomach disorders, headaches, cold etc. may continue to disturb your schedule. Maintain a strict routine about your diet, exercises etc. Avoid market food during your journeys as you’d be prone to fall ill during this phase. Also shun any addiction you may have as its consequence will be very harmful in the long run. Jupiter in 12th calls for a serious care for your health. Don’t neglect even a minor affliction and consult a doctor immediately.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pisces Annual Forecast 2018

Pisces in 2018

The Piscean natives will have this year full of achievements in all field. Jupiter in 5th may ensure a big ceremony of your progeny completed this year at the very beginning. Health will also remain good since Saturn will remain posited in the 9th house from your sign. Most of the chronic ailment will be cured this year. You must maintain your rigid exercise and yoga schedule while trying other medical therapies like Naturopathy, Unani and Homeopathy as well to keep fit and healthy. However between March & August – during Saturn’s retrogressive phase – leg-pains and season ailments may trouble you a bit. Jupiter will be in 5th and then from July in 6th. The beginning of the year may see the celebration of your progeny’s some auspicious ceremony like engagement, marriage or something connected with education. Family atmosphere will remain peaceful and happy though occasional differences between the spouses may occur, chiefly due to Rahu’s position in the 7th house. Parents’ health may cause occasional concern. You may have to take them to the hospital.

Trade and profession will also prosper well. You may employ new methods and technique in your work to get higher profit. You’ll like to experiment with your work to ensure greater benefits. But avoid being lured by the desire to earn quick money – hence don’t indulge in any speculative business, gambling and in the Share Market. You may focus on starting a new venture this year. All your held up projects with the govt. will be cleared due to the help of some VIP whom you might meet by chance. You may try to buy some plot of the land or even a finished flat this year which shall appear to you to be a very coveted achievement of life. Mars in exaltation in 11th will make you enjoy the luxury of travelling in a lovely vehicle. If in service, your all seniors and boss etc. will remain happy with you and you’ll get many opportunity to rise in your field. Your associates will also remain very cooperative with you. You may love to start or join a new work. Saturn in 9th will make your Lady Luck smile. May get very many lucrative and vital offers. You shall also be able to square up the debts you took earlier. Enemies and rivals would remain subdued before your mounting excellence.

Upto 18th April your sign lord Jupiter be also retrograde which may reduce your capacity to learn new things. The students may not get the favourable results of their hard work. You may indulge in romance and love to ruin your career prospects. Hence avoid such distractions.

Your friends and well-wishers will always help you in your hour of distress. Your lenient nature may give you losses in business. In service your callousness can be your undoing – so be careful. You’ll work hard to ensure a smooth sailing for you financially. But be careful about your secret enemies during the phase of Saturn’s retrogression. May plan to buy a new vehicle for you, your chance meeting with a VIP will help you much in the long run, as much as to change your life-style. During Saturn’s retrogression some of your senior family members may be separated forever. Also you may get the adverse news about your some close relation.