Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scorpio April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Scorpio Horoscope April 2015

There’s something alluring in the air. Venus, the planet of attraction, entered indulgent Taurus and your 7th House of Partnerships on March 31. Interactive Mercury joins the party on April 2, introducing you to reliable individuals and inviting sweet conversation. However, your penetrating mind may be threatening to stubborn people who don’t want to explore as deeply as you. But their presence is a reminder that sometimes life can be simple and straightforward, so avoid drilling them with suspicious questions. Saturn backs into Virgo and your 11th House of Groups on April 7, where it will linger until July 21, providing you with another chance to redefine your commitments to friends, colleagues, and your dreams.

The New Moon in enterprising Aries falls in your 6th House of Health and Work on April 14, bringing new tasks as well as the motivation to develop different skills—even seek professional independence. However, heady Mercury’s retrograde turn on April 18 can slow your ability to learn and complicate travel plans for the rest of the month. This backward shift in your 7th House of Others falls in sluggish Taurus, a likely cause of delays in getting information in and getting your message out.

The Sun’s entry into Taurus on April 20 attracts supportive partners who tend to be sweet and sensual but resistant to taking risks. Then the air starts crackling with creativity—which may cause fights with your peers—as strict Saturn opposes unruly Uranus on April 26 in a series of oppositions that began last fall and finishes on July 26. On April 28, the Full Moon in Scorpio brings an emotional jolt with its square to combative Mars. Conflict may reshape a relationship, and your desire for passion can drive you to extremes.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Pisces March Week 1

Pisces Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Pisces Family March 02 2015:
Solving small problem may become a 'sport' near the 15th and you are a gold metal winner. Making 'something out of nothing' and solving with limited cooperation and materials is also showing. The pace quickens the 16th to 18th as if 'several things are going down at once,' and multi tasking is required. Respect your gut feelings the 18th, especially about the behavior of youth. Check and double check, particularly if money or vehicles are involved. A piece of good news is likely to launch celebration near the 19th to 23rd.

Pisces Love March 02 2015:
Romance may be a stumbling block near the 15th for some Fish and sadly, termination energy can still threaten into 'mid day.' For those of you who 'squeak past' this one, repairs are fast and complete. A 'new lease,' is likely. Single Fish show high potential for promising connections near the 16th to 18th both 'day and night,' and especially in social or friend connections.

Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Aquarius March Week 1

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Aquarius Family March 02 2015:
Your mind sparks with ideas and your hopes are high and optimistic the 15th but may come crashing down unless you keep them reasonable, especially if Aries, Gemini, Pisces, Cancer or other members are involved. 'Expectation' energy can leave you vulnerable this week. Keep your mind focused on 'need,' near the 16th to 18th and opt for 'need vs. want.' Travel as a group and/or visitors are likely near the 19th to 21st. Spending goes on the rise and cooperation, sadly, 'falls.'

Aquarius Love March 02 2015:
Romance is a good bright spot for the Totter this week! Single Juggers fair best with hot potential for long term hook ups near the 15th day time, the 17th all day, the evening of the 19th and any time the 20/21st. Potential for success seems best with Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer or other Aquarius. Paired Juggers do best to avoid money discussions the 18th to 20th.

Aquarius Friendship March 02 2015:
Friends are very helpful this week if/when any level of 'need' arises, especially in situations where you 'need an extra pair of hands.' Some of you WILL 'bite off more than you can/should chew' near the 15/16th and again the 20/21st and extra help, space and/or 'professional expertise' may be required.

Aquarius Career March 02 2015:
Your mind sparks with creative ideas this week and they can equate into profit and opportunity in a heartbeat! The 15th, 17th and 19th appear 'best days' for starting and/or expanding energy. Financial backing is likely to be approved near the 18/19th but actual 'cash in hand,' may not manifest until the 22nd to 26th. Be respectful of you ESP the 19th as it is 'spot on,' especially as it relates to your 'first impressions of others,' and 'trust' in general.

Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Capricorn March Week 1

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Capricorn Family March 02 2015:
Cooperation is poor the 15th to 17th, especially with youth of any sign, Aries, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Aquarius. Throwing money at a problem near the 17th to 19th may be the quick fix but it is ultimately indicated as 'wasteful and foolish,' unless it is 'the only way out.' A piece of very good news is likely near the 19th to 22nd and may be announced at a gathering. Spending may go on the rise as a result of it. Births, weddings, moves due to career and visitors head the list of likely sources.

Capricorn Love March 02 2015:
Romance moves along nicely as few complications are indicated this week and what few there are, appear to be both manageable and short lived. Matches to signs like Taurus, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio appear to flow smoothly and upgrade well. Single Sea Goats get luckiest near the 18th and 20/21st.

Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Sagittarius March Week 1

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Sagittarius Family March 02 2015:
Cooperation may be poor the 15th, especially with youth of any sign or partners who are Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces or Aries. Things appear to 'take a lot of extra effort,' near the 16/17th but you prevail nicely. A minor complication or delay is possible the 18th, especially with elders or any who are 'ill/infirm' in any form. Patience is needed. Good news is likely near the 19th to 21st and may involve money, career/job upgrades, employment, upcoming events of visitors.

Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Scorpio March Week 1

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Scorpio Family March 02 2015:
Soft peddle an issue near the 15th to 17th or risk having more come of it than is necessary, especially if Aries, Pisces, Libra, Cancer or youth of any sign is involved. Keep an eye on 'necessity spending,' and be willing to cover it but 'within reason,' especially near the 18/19th when it tends to 'escalate.' Travel as a group may be necessary the 20/21st and spending can easily get out of hand, especially if gifting and/or dining out.

Scorpio Love March 02 2015:
Romance holds some level of promise for the single Stinger this week, especially near the PM of the 18th to the 21st. Taurus, Libra, Aries, other Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo appear likely candidates and long term success IS indicated. Having a 'change of mind,' IF you are a 'retired' or long term deep freeze Stinger is also likely. A willingness to change your mid set may come naturally and without warning near the 19th to 31st.