Monday, January 4, 2016

Pisces Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Pisces 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You must be wary this week of taking too seriously a comment you recently overheard about yourself. The most effective way to deal with this sort if thing is to ignore it. So concentrate on your work and relationships and rise above tittle tattle.

Pisces 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

The beginning of the week starts badly for you but don’t be dismayed. The silver lining will arrive by the end of the week and you will look back and wonder why you were so upset about what will then seem to be a trivial matter.

Pisces 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Even your colleagues have noticed that you are not so sparkly these days, so your plan of keeping your problems to yourself is not working. You need advice and soon. This week you should talk to one of your older colleagues or friends about what is troubling you. You’ll be surprised to find out that your worries will partly be reduced just by the act of discussing it with somebody else even before you take the advice.

Pisces 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your generosity is getting out of control. You haven’t got to be the one to buy the first round of drinks every time you walk into a pub or put the most into pot for a leaving present. For one thing, you can’t always afford it so just pay what other people do and it won’t affect your popularity at all. Try it this week.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Aquarius 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Have you ever heard the saying ‘…you are right and I’m completely wrong…’ No, thought not! Nobody is right all of the time but most people admit their errors and then apologise for them. So why not join the rest of us and try using the little word ‘sorry’ now and then?

Aquarius 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Communications will dominate this week for you. If you can put over your point of view clearly and firmly to someone who can act as middleman between you and an important business contact, you could find yourself moving closer to achieving one of your dearest ambitions.

Aquarius 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You have always had a hankering to do something connected with the arts but have usually ducked it when the opportunity arose. Another chance will appear this week so this time ignore what the world may or may not think and just do it!

Aquarius 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You will be asked to go to a party this week and lots of friends both old and new will be there. However, a mini-crisis at work will cast doubt on whether you can make it. The good news is that you will be there – just – but only after a super human effort on your part at work!

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Capricorn 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Be patient! Big things are happening in your life but acting too quickly will certainly delay their arrival and may even cause them to be cancelled. Trust your own judgement and then you’ll be able to take advantage of the good things that are coming your way – perhaps starting this week!

Capricorn 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You are right to suspect that there is a whispering campaign against you. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the matter your best way to handle this is to ignore it. Confronting the whisperers without solid proof would only make matters worse.

Capricorn 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Things haven’t gone well for you recently in your business and social life but you have made matters worse by dwelling too much on matters afterwards. What is gone is gone and unless you can derive something positive from the episode, put it behind you and look to the future.

Capricorn 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You are very persuasive and usually get your own way with people but it is being noticed. This gift you have could be put to much better use so you must stop cadging favours from your friends otherwise you may find that you have none!

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Sagittarius 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your social life will be on the way up this week. You will receive invitations, meet new people (a special one in particular), receive recognition for hard work and generally seem to No.1 in the popularity stakes. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sagittarius 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You should not take too seriously the conversation you had recently with a colleague about work. It was only a suggestion that was made not a firm offer so stop building up your hopes. Keep your other options open in case what you are hoping for doesn’t happen.

Sagittarius 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You can’t have it both ways. You took a deliberated decision a while ago to become less involved socially with your work colleagues. But now you’re upset because plans are being made for a fun weekend that doesn’t include you! Accept the consequences of your decision and stop feeling excluded.

Sagittarius 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Don’t overreact this week when you hear rumours about changes at work. Just count how many times in the past that rumours like this have upset you and how many times have they proved to all about nothing! Just ignore them!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Scorpio 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your concerns about past events are groundless. This will be confirmed this week and you will then realise how much time you have wasted by living in the past.

Scorpio 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Something you omitted to do a short while ago will come back to trouble you this week. It would help matters enormously if you could put this matter right before it becomes public knowledge. You still have the chance to restore the status quo so do it quickly.

Scorpio 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your past experience should have taught you that rushing headlong into a romantic relationship is almost certain to end in tears. Yet here you go again – heart first, brain last! Take this week to think carefully about what you are doing before making a fool of yourself – again!

Scorpio 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

There have been some odd incidents in the past few weeks concerning the activities of two of your friends. This week will reveal the reason for this and you will be both relieved and happy at the news. Looks like another party is on the way!

Libra Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Libra 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

What a worrier you are! You are popular and hard working but determined to see the black side of everything and this is wasteful. An opportunity will arrive this week to improve the quality of your life so take it without worrying yourself out of it.

Libra 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You used to be such a strong-minded person but you are developing wimpish tendencies. Recently you have allowed yourself to be talked out of sensible courses of action that would have been rewarding both socially and financially for you. You must stop letting people decide things for you so stand up for yourself and reclaim your independence!

Libra 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

The coming week will start well for you but don’t get carried away because issues that you thought were dead and buried will reappear by the end of the week. This time, face up to the problem head on and don’t skirt round it like you did last time. Otherwise it will come round again….and again!

Libra 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You are moving into a period this week when you will need all of your will power to get through it. Fortunately, you have always been strong minded so you should not have too much difficulty in pulling through this period but it will test you.