Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pisces Work Habits Profile

Pisces is creative—even though it is hard for him to market that skill. He can be trusted with large-scale responsibilities—providing the pressure is off. He is extremely perceptive and can spot things others overlook. His intuition and psychic skills will show you the future now.

No doubt about it, the world could use his creative intelligence and foresight (not to mention his compassion for his fellow worker), but we don’t often get to see those Pisces’s qualities in the market place. Pisces frequently miss the commercial boat. He simply has a tough time making money off of his talents. To begin with, he is primitive when it comes to selling—himself or anything else. He lacks the discipline and the routine needed to perform a nine-to-five job. He dislikes confinement and is slow and reluctant to reach solutions and make decisions. He lacks the concentration and the intensity to finish a job. Easily bored, he loves the big pictures but not the details. And the bottom line: He is not competitive. Pisces has an impractical, fantasylike, otherworld view, which does not fit in the capitalist style. And rather than giving business advice, he should be seeking it.

If Pisces is to become a valuable performer, he will need help in developing his self-confidence and efficient and productive work habits. But there are other problems. His changing moods and his escapism are difficult to deal with.

His career is an issue he probably hasn’t thought much about. Pisces doesn’t seem to be in control of his life. He seems to float about. He seems lost in the commercial fish tank, and it will take sympathetic and caring guidance from enlightened management to help this employee succeed and become profitable. One way is to constantly monitor and applaud his work. Another way is to put him on a team of talented, creative, cooperative, and understanding co-workers. And by all means, give him a quiet open space to work in that is comfortable, attractive, and surrounded by positive people.

Of course, there is that rare Pisces we’ve talked about (the one who does swim upstream) who can sell himself. This is that individual who decided from the start that he would climb every obstacle and jump every hurdle. He has escaped the Pisces dream world and dived headfirst into the real world. Reality has made him strong and self-assured. This rare, motivated Pisces is a star worker and a one-of-a-kind employee that you will never want to replace. He has all the Pisces skills—perception, creativity, foresight, and the big picture concern for humanity—but the difference is, he knows how to turn those skills into money for himself and for the business.

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Aquarius Work Habits Profile

To some extent it depends on how interested she is in the job itself— Aquarius is easily bored with routine and any nine-to-five job—but if the job is exciting, challenging, and explores the unknown, you’ll have a very satisfied, hardworking employee. In the right job, Aquarius will be at it 24 hours a day. Aquarius is a very intelligent worker with superb analytical powers. Her research skills are unrivaled, and you are bound to profit from her uncanny ability to see into the future and to describe tomorrow’s market today. This is an experimenter and innovator who, through trial and error, is trying to make sense out of the future.

However, Aquarius is interested in so many fields that her efforts can quickly become disorganized and she can become irresponsible. Totally involved with so many things at once, Aquarius may become ineffective, overall, unless she is carefully managed. But—and this is most important— only enlightened and subtle management works for Aquarius. Because she considers herself so independent and is so smart (and always right), she does not take orders easily. In fact, in her view she knows much more than the boss will ever know—she is also more perceptive and more intuitive. Not only does this freedom-loving employee resent authority, but she resents having to be caged inside an office, she resents having to be on time, she resents regulations, she resents detail, she resents having to go to meetings, and she resents having to keep to a schedule. In short, she resents having to work for someone else. And that’s what you have to overcome when you hire an Aquarius employee, not to mention the fact that she will never make a decision.

On the surface, Aquarius appears to like all levels of people, but she prefers to work alone on her solitary mental investigations, scientifically, philosophically, or creatively exploring original ideas. She is a researcher who needs the freedom to explore and experiment. Every job must be more fascinating than the last, or you will lose her and her energy. Highly structured, conservative, production-line companies can forget about Aquarius. She is too spontaneous, eccentric, and unpredictable for their corporate culture to encompass. Furthermore, Aquarius can only be productive if her brain is constantly feeding and dreaming in an open environment and if her curiosity has the freedom to pursue new dimensions and new directions.

An appropriate profession involving social causes attracts the humanitarian aspect of Aquarius. This side of Aquarius is perfectly capable and very willing to help those in need and those she considers deserving. This philanthropic Aquarius is more focused and more conservative than the exploring Aquarius. But because both these sides exist in every Aquarius, she may switch from one aspect to the other over the space of one hour. Impatient and living to do everything in the now, this sun sign loves change and travel. She is also more of a thinker than doer, and, when she becomes bored, her energy level stalls at zero and she becomes commercially useless.

Difficult to manage, Aquarius is out for herself and her ingenious futuristic ideas. It is the challenge of the job, that attracts her, not the company or the people. She will work only by her rules, which don’t always make any business sense to anyone else, but if you can accommodate her unconventional attitude and her independence her dreams could mean big money.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Capricorn Work Habits Profile

This is a sign with a true passion for business. Capricorn is a born businessman. Industrious and committed to a career, he will take on any job you give him and do it supremely well. Thriving on detail, Capricorn will overlook nothing—no cheating and no short cuts. He could care less about the time clock and he’ll work overtime as a matter of course because he’s a workaholic. Capricorn is highly organized. In fact, his life and career have been carefully planned and he will not be distracted from his programmed career goals. Capricorn thrives on responsibility, and you’ll find no one more conscientious, so whenever you can, put him in control—after all, that’s his natural role. This sun sign performs best in positions that require street-smart, practical intelligence (drawn from his vast collection of facts) and logical decision-making capabilities.

He is not a fast or impulsive worker, so don’t push or change directions on him. He is patient, thorough, careful, and cautious—tolerating no mistakes. His results are virtually flawless. Also, although this by-thebook employee is following the rules, in the process of doing his job by the letter of the law, he is also capable of developing new solutions or different, more profitable applications or approaches.

All these professional work habits are motivated by extreme ambition. All this toiling and hard work, all this concentration of energy is designed to initiate the process and lay the groundwork on which Capricorn intends to build his impressive career. Capricorn plans from day one how he can progress steadily through the company to the top. So, after exercising his skills, while he’s in your employment, he will expect you to recognize his talents and reward them. He will expect you to promote him, raise his salary, and praise him. And because he is a very productive worker, and may very well be your boss sometime in the future, while he is with you, treat him very well.

Capricorn works best in a practical, clearly defined job where his logical mind can make the most profitable decisions. Preferring neither to travel nor to be disturbed, an attractive and impressive work area or office solely for him will be most appreciated. A superb employee, as well as a loner with a superiority complex, he is truly capable of doing it all. So while he’s working for you, give him everything you can. He can take you far as long as you reward his efforts.

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Sagittarius Work Habits Profile

Expect the unusual, and give her space. A claustrophobic environment is the least productive place for a Sagittarius. She needs freedom—no schedules, no routine, no nine to five. She must be allowed to experience her mind and to keep actively exploring. This is a jack-of-all-trades who can become totally bored without a versatile, multijob position, which allows for travel and discovery.

This is also an employee with a superiority complex, and she’s not afraid of telling anyone, even the boss, that he or she is dead wrong. Honesty and bluntness are her strong suit. Yet she is extremely likable, popular, and a superior company frontwoman, even though her decidedly truthful comments may be tactless at times.

Sagittarius is smart and versatile enough to do anything you need her to do, but try to ask for her help, not demand it. She needs to feel that she is managing her own life and has been given great latitude to handle the job as she sees fit. Once committed (even though it is a temporary commitment), she’s responsible and dependable; she goes after the greatest challenges with undeniable energy, and she is so quick at uncovering ingenious solutions that she should be given control of several assignments at once to keep her interested. Pressure and deadline are what she thrives on. However, because of her fast pace and many interests, she doesn’t always finish what she started. This is a “big picture” employee who doesn’t pay enough attention to detail and who can start talking recklessly before she starts thinking.

Highly competitive, Sagittarius is an original: an individualist who is spontaneous and changeable, yet possessing superb business skills. She is a solution-oriented decision-maker, an expert persuader, promoter, and negotiator. She is a friendly, witty employee with a lot of friends (despite her occasional impatience). A risk-taking but productive worker, she’s a commercially creative businesswoman and a quality manipulator. However, only the less structured, more loosely organized business suits her best—a business that has flexible responsibilities, multiple products, and a freedom orientation will suit her active curious spirit and her broad range of interest. Sagittarius will take on the company’s most adventurous job (preferably, going it alone), and she will expect megabucks in return (and she will usually deserve them). “It takes money to make money” is her byword.

A speedy worker, she dismisses the direction of others because she is frequently farther ahead of their orders. But this is not to say Sagittarius doesn’t need direction. In fact, she needs a lot of well-reasoned direction from the person who has earned her respect.

The Sagittarian can also be unreliable, irresponsible, disorganized, and late. She can promise the Earth, stars, and moon but then get sidetracked on a more challenging jaunt. She can lack discipline and direction. She is capable of pontificating like the best barroom philosopher or revolutionary without taking up the sword and marching into battle. (As they say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.”) Her chaotic style can diminish her achievements, and her anti-career track attitude can reduce her level of experience. But respect and well-reasoned management can help Sagittarius stay focused enough on the goal to achieve great things—obviously a full-time job for any boss.

This is not your average employee. This is a gambler, a speculator. She’s the one leading you into the next decade in her unique, independent, and unbending manner. If your company can’t fit an individualistic dynamo like this into the organizational chart, forget it. The fit between her and the position must be letter perfect to work for both of you. And if you can make the fit, don’t forget that hands-off, subtle management is the only kind of management that a loner such as Sagittarius will allow.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Scorpio Work Habits Profile

The highly competitive Scorpio has a considerable inventory of workoriented skills to perform the toughest jobs you can find. His “all work no play” attitude is exactly what the capitalist ordered. He simply must be productive 24 hours a day at the most important job there is, and no interruptions will be tolerated. His backbreaking schedule will not allow any interference in his highly structured day. So certain is he of his problemsolving abilities that any criticism of his efforts is simply not tolerated— particularly criticism that insults his intelligence.

This is the real workhorse of the zodiac. Intense, tenacious, determined, dedicated, and with a passionate sense of purpose, Scorpio thrives on pressure and deadlines. His intelligence, self-confidence, and naturally probing curiosity qualify him for virtually any professional position. He’ll get the job done whatever it is. This is truly Mr. Productivity. This is the man with the brilliant ideas that turn big profits. So you’re going to run right out and put an ad in the paper for a Scorpio employee, right? Well, like everything else, this is too good to be true. Here’s the catch: Scorpio is a superb worker, which is true. But he’s just passing through on his way to fulfilling his own master plan.

Scorpio knows the rules of business better than anyone does, and he plays the game superbly well. Even though he is basically very difficult to get along with (he considers himself better than anyone else) and he will resent being bossed around, he knows what side his bread is buttered on, and to get to the top he’ll do what he’s told. But he’s only working long enough to learn how to boss you. This is a goal-oriented worker with a strong sense of direction and that direction is upward. Scorpio is truly the “master of his fate and the captain of his soul.” He is obsessed with doing his job well to get the raises, promotions, and recognition he deserves. As he engineers his career towards the position of ultimate power, true, he is not naturally people-oriented nor a pleasant staff or line worker, but he can will himself to be to get where he wants.

Scorpio is an unrivaled employee who will perform better than anyone else so that you will reward him and send him up to the next rung on the professional ladder. If he is rewarded as he expects, you can expect 150-percent loyalty to the organization and its goals.

Expect undercurrents of tension, however, because no matter how obliging Scorpio may try to be on his way up, he is, in fact, engaged in a power struggle, which is bound to inflict bruises all the way to the executive suite. Also, don’t be surprised if Scorpio suddenly stops and turns his life around 180 degrees. This sun sign is so sure of himself that he is capable of leaving a very successful employment and strike out in a totally new field. Remember, at the core, his own passion and destiny is directing and motivating him.

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Libra Work Habits Profile

This is not a physical laborer. Definitely not! Libra is attracted to jobs requiring brainstorming or artistic and creative skills fulfilling her need to create beautiful experiences or things. (In fact, you will find Libra’s work much more productive where their work environments are extremely attractive as well.)

Libra has a good mind (ideas and analysis are their strengths) but abhors detail and nine to five at the desk. Content to think or dream about ideas, she can fail to carry them through to their logical conclusion, and she quickly becomes bored by long-range tasks. Getting a Libra’s attention and interest is a real trick. And even after you have given her an assigned task, when out of balance, she can look for the easy way out and give it over to someone else or use someone else’s skills to get it done.

Libra is attracted to “people jobs” and works much better in non-competitive, cooperative groups. Here she can perform extremely well as discussion leader, peacemaker, and mediator. An excellent tactician, Libra can bring out all sides of an issue and direct the discussion to a fair and agreeable group solution.

Because people should always be a part of what Libra does, the customer relations area is a particularly appropriate position for her. Outfront positions requiring diplomacy and promotion are Libra strong suits. But above all, avoid putting her under pressure or tension. Without a tension-free and harmonious atmosphere, Libra can’t perform.

Clearly, Libra’s work habits have limitations. She is a real specialist and does not perform well unless both the job and the environment are ideally suited to her. Libra simply does not fit in to most job descriptions. Libra also requires a boss who is a real professional when it comes to motivating people—someone who can take time with a Libra and get her to commit herself to the total task, to get her to assume responsibility, and to speak up for what she really thinks is the right way to do the job. Unfortunately the inner concerns Libra brings to work are very difficult to direct and motivate. But a boss will profit by investing the time and money necessary to create an environment in which Libra can be her charming, conciliatory, and creative best. Keep Libra busy, avoid time for self, and balance those scales, and you have created a condition in which Libra can thrive.

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