Friday, August 23, 2013

Money and Love Horoscope 2014 For Libra

Venus the goddess blazes in Sagittarius as the year begins. Communications, dealings with the public, a diversity of contacts and a vigorous cycle of interactions or exchanges will be part and parcel of your life in the coming year. For the singles, romantic links may come through chance encounters or through the connections of business or your dealings with ‘day to day’ associates, members of the public or people that are part of your routines of travel or communication. Someone well-travelled, qualified or with overseas links may feature. Food, laughter or social activity may be a meeting ground. Those in a relationship will be busy with business or the rich variety of dealings or interaction with people at large. In fact, work or the demand of your interests or involvements may take you away from your loved one at times.

Saturn in Virgo is in tension with Venus as the year begins. There may be delays or separations that affect close personal relations. Some will focus on work or interaction, having little time for romance. Others will carry a secret sorrow or show a different kind of face in private and in public. For some, circumstances you cannot prevent or overcome may separate you from a loved one. Others may decide on a separation and a new beginning. Partnership will not be an easy arena this year so give a deal of thought to your levels of commitment or interest. While Venus and Saturn struggle in this manner, remember Jupiter will be in Capricorn, bringing optimism and expansive feelings to the domicile. ‘Hang on to what you have and build on it’ is the lesson.
Be careful with your money this year. If you have to recover from past problems, make sure you do so before you put anything else at risk. This is not a year for the wild foray or the sudden impulse. They’re likely to lead you up the garden path. A simple savings plan will turn out to be better than the best ‘high return’ investment you can find. The hopes of dreams of finance will be all too easily broken on the wheel of contraction that will touch the markets and the marker points of the larger fiscal picture. Be safe and you won’t be sorry.

There may be secret or hidden demands or problems through others that will cost you financially. Don’t entrust your capital without the fullest investigation of credentials and integrity. Put money into what’s safe and solid. For some, the housing market will hold the key. For others, you may step back and revise your financial strategies wholesale, looking for new avenues to work through.

As the year begins, you will have to watch for difficulty with communications or travel, especially with overseas links. Mars is retrograde in Gemini, clashing with Pluto, the lord of the underworld. There will be tough negotiations and testing communications or news. Arguments or ill feeling will flare up all too quickly. For some, there will be clashes over travel schedules or plans. For others, legal matters will test you. This is not a favourable time for litigation. There may be problems in contacts with in-laws. You may find yourself at odds with someone of foreign extraction. There may be problems with study or dealing with academics or academia. Clashes with males especially will feature.

If you’re travelling overseas, take care with vehicles, communications equipment and language difficulties. You may catch the rough edge someone of someone’s anger or frustration.There will be delays for yourself or others in travelling or returning from overseas. Someone from your past may reappear ‘out of the blue’. You should strenuously avoid antics involving iron, sharp edges, blunt objects, firearms, machinery or verbal exchanges. If you’re travelling on New Year’s Eve or News Year’s Day, put safety first. Mars moves forward on Jan 30th.

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