Monday, August 26, 2013

Money and Love Horoscope 2014 For Aquarius

The Lunar North Node is in your sign while the South Node is in that of Leo, bringing the focus of new associations onto personal relationships. New romance and connections will flourish. Old connections will be shed, though some of them may return for resolution or a new start. The pattern of a relationship will find new form or give a more appreciable focus to personal enjoyment and closeness. Unusual events or people will touch your personal life. Prepare for group work or new associations with community activities or interests. New influences will alter your thinking or ideas, sending you in a new direction over time. Conversely, you may begin to think or operate in a new or different way and seek or find new friends or interests. In the end, you’ll find what you’re looking for because you’ve changed your priorities with regard to what’s important in a relationship.

Late Apr to mid May will bring a period where aspiration or ideals will be high but judgement may be flawed or idealistic. You will be drawn to creative or spiritual people or interests. Make sure that those you take into your trust are worthy. If new romance comes at this time, take time to be sure that someone is what they seem to be. Late May to mid Jun will bring a period where unusual people or situations will bring change or a time of review. It’s time to take up new interests, forge a new connection or alter your ideas due to the influence or presence of someone new. Alternatively, you may go through a significant personal change, moulding a new image or taking on a new sense of presence.

Venus the goddess begins the year simmering in fiery Sagittarius. There will be links or connections made in friendship this year. They will bring you into a new circle or introduce you to new activities or ideas. However, there is a whisker of tension between Venus and Saturn in Virgo, so it may be that you will have to leave something or someone behind in order to forge a new connection. A close relationship may grow out of a friendship, but there may be a cost to pay for this. A secret relationship is in the wind, maintained under the constraint of another liaison or a tricky business connection. Minimize activity or social interaction with friends, as it’s better to concentrate on a few connections of importance where there is the sympathy of shared ideas, beliefs and interests. A commitment to social or community endeavour limits your time for pleasure or leisure. Secret ventures emerge, or deals that you cannot disclose to the general run of friends and connections. Be ready to commit money or resources to an important venture or group project.

Saturn, the measurer of effort is in Virgo and your solar eighth house. Money will be a driving force or concern. You will shed old obligations or connections in joint matters and move into new ones. It’s time to start working towards important ‘long term’ financial goals. These may be a revision or an adapted version of what you’ve done before. Some of you change your fiscal goals or priorities and you will certainly rationalize; you may even downsize. Be ready to deal with experienced financial operators, as you find new and more efficient uses for your money. It’s time to learn new skills or methods in your approach or handling of finances.

A new start may also come in your erotic life at this time. A landmark change is in the air with family finances or the family constellation, especially one that involves older people. There may be money from inheritances or trusts. Along with financial side of things, some of you become increasingly interested in the study of occult matters, psychology or the mysteries of life and death. Issues with intimacy are something you have to deal with or consider. Health or health practice may be bound up with your financial operations.

Saturn starts in reverse motion, moves forward once more on May 3rd and remains that way till year’s end. A Nov clash with Uranus in Pisces will bring concerns over balancing personal spending with investments, joint finances or financial obligations. Prepare to review or redirect your methods of management in order to solve a problem, or gain an end..

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