Sunday, September 8, 2013

Horoscope 2014 Pisces Overview

Venus the goddess begins in reverse in Aquarius and your solar twelfth house, moving back to Capricorn on Jan 1st. An uncertain start or reorientation may mark the beginning of the year in matters of love or money. You may need to go back over old ground or wait on events or developments to take their course. You may come among old friends or associations for a time. You may return to goals or dreams that you’ve held in the past. Don’t immerse yourself too deeply though. For some, you may find you’re only going back to discover there’s nothing to go back for.

For others, you may renew an old association and begin something again in earnest. For some, health (yours or someone else’s) may delay your plans or change them. In the overall, it’s time to review what you want from the love and money interests in your life. Go back to the drawing board. Set yourself to wait for what you want or take the time to develop new interests or a new direction. Patience is the key.
Partnership issues may resolve themselves if you decide what you want.With Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, you’re at turning point with your creative or spiritual gifts. Put latent ability into practice. Develop your intuition and your knowledge by learning the art of divination with tarot, runes or astrology. Practice meditation. Engage in healing work, using crystals or essential oils. Study herbalism, massage or feng shui.

Explore! Enroll in a course. Find a teacher. Develop skills. There is a hidden side of you that needs to surface in new forms of expression. Paint, sing, dance or write! Expand your visions. Change your daily practice. There may be a new or unusual individual in your life to teach or help you set a new course. You may return to an old teacher and re-begin your studies, especially early in the year. Watch for opposition from a hidden source.

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