Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Horoscope 2014 Scorpio Overview

With Jupiter in your sign, the year begins expansively with matters of love and money. Singles may find opportunity to cross the frontier of romance. Travel, study or people from overseas may be involved. Those in a relationship can revive or renew romantic options or life together by expanding the horizon. You may find the first blossoms of the fruits you have worked for or you may suddenly be taken by a fortunate development or the winds of change. The change could be intense or complete once it rolls through. The risk will pay the dividend. Don’t look at money to provide the means of change. Look at opportunity, chance, risk or natural development to get you what you want. Don’t stay where you are!

As Venus the goddess glitters in reverse motion in Aquarius as the year begins, some of you may return to old connections, emotionally or romantically. You may go back over something in order to move ahead later on. People who have featured in your emotional life before could return. This could happen with suddenness and provide an opportunity for healing or for renewal. You may reconnect with an old flame. You may review a current situation. With Mars in Taurus as the year begins, there may be intense connections with you and others. It could be hot in the Scorpio boudoir.

You could also find yourself with a rival or an opponent who tests you in one way or another. Grow through any tension.Health matters are tied to your emotional health and wellbeing with Chiron in Aquarius. A happy Scorpion is a focused and healthy Scorpion. You will have to make the decisions about what it is that makes you happy. Don’t be deluded in Jan. You may not see things in a clear light at all. Wait.

Hold off decisions. Watch ‘lifestyle’ indulgence in Mar or the Lunar Eclipse on Mar 29th will find you out or set you back. Come into a ‘community’ of those focused on healthy living or an improved lifestyle from Jun. Use expert advice. Adopt new or unusual health or work practices. Cultivate ‘healthy’ friendships. Live a different way among people who see life differently.

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