Taurus Horoscope 2020

taurus horoscope 2020

Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2020

Who said the Bull was passive and averse to change? Not this year as Taureans are imbued with the spirit of enterprise and are having an explosion of ideas. They are taking the bull by the horns and throwing themselves into new fields, starting new ventures and incorporating new ideas into their lives to make work more fun and more rewarding. Taurus are often held back by what others think and can fall into this rather stultifying mode of people pleasing; however, this year they are not caring what anyone says or thinks and are going ahead and expressing themselves boldly. There is less care about loss right now and more concern about what could be gained if you step away from the comfort zone. They say that at the end of your life you will regret the things you did not do, rather than the mistake you made when you did try something new, and that is the spirit gripping the Bull this year.

Your thought processes are far less conservative, far less restrained by convention and by what others may say and far less cautious. You are more inclined to speak up and to say what you think – to hell with it.

This year, Taurus will take an attitude of trying many new things with the knowledge that some will and some won’t work – when it does work: great, when it doesn’t work: also great, at least you tried. A sense of excitement is returning to your life and a certain whiff of freedom – that feeling of being young again before responsibilities and adult life dampened that ability to dream and dream big.

This year is much about you and what you think – it is also about how changing attitudes can transform your life quite magically.

This feeling of freedom regarding how you act and also how you communicate with others will get stronger as the year goes on and into 2018.

Taurus are liberated from a need for approval, and you will find you spend far less time on things that used to satisfy you. Suddenly you realise how stale your life was and how many of the things you were doing were aimed at winning favour, feeding your inner child or pleasing people – you will quite unconsciously shift to activities which are actually more fulfilling and more exciting and more about YOU. You will experience more independence psychologically and can free yourself from any emotional crutches you may have used in the past.

There are new friends and new activities, and while your old contacts and friendships remain important, there is more breadth to your social and emotional life now.

You can make constructive use of new conditions in your life – these may have to do with taking advantage of new laws, political changes, tax breaks, opportunities to work or study overseas. You may also have a chance to further your qualifications or gain internationally recognised skills. There are opportunities for those of you who work in the sciences or emerging industries to get funding or research grants. This is a very exciting year for Taurus who innovate in terms of green energy or agricultural/organic food production. This is a highly fortunate year for Bulls who wish to raise awareness about new trends in health, alternative healing, and natural therapies.

This is an optimistic year where you are less cynical and more willing to look kindly on your fellow man without criticising. There will be many new friends and a chance to entertain in your home.

Your optimism and openness can lead to sudden lucky breaks, which are totally unexpected.

Taurus have an openness and excitement about change and are looking for ways to seize the initiative and capitalise on new developments in their industry, community, or country. You have a more pioneering attitude, and rather than trying to resist change and hang on to what is secure, you are happy to let go and go with the flow, waiting to observe and pounce on your chance. You will use change to your advantage, and the key this year is for you to be flexible and to adjust fast to changes. Taureans are masters of the game this year – they are looking to spread themselves more thinly regarding keeping options open and thus being able to switch from activity to activity according to which is going better. It is a year when you need to be versatile in terms of money making – you may have various income streams or you may, as in keeping with the nature of the job market, train for an additional skill/discipline to either complement or keep in reserve should you need to swap career.

Gemini Horoscope 2020

gemini horoscope 2020

Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2020

This is a very good money year, and hard work done last year will pay off as you begin to see rewards. The year starts with a continued focus on the financial and planning aspect of your business and work. You are seriousminded and incredibly mentally determined. You are impelled to strengthen up any weak areas of your life which need attention so you can function as effectively as possible.

You are formulating clear goals and are single-minded and self-denying in pursuit of those. The first part of 2020 sees you working consistently to bring plans to fruition; this is not the time to ease off on the pressure. The foundations are there, and you need to build on them in the months to May: using your charms, social skills, and persuasive ability to build relationships and extend your networks.

Money should be set aside and saved or reinvested in the first few months as in the second half of the year there will be many investments and also pleasurable opportunities where you will want to spend.

The first half of the year is frenetic and often your nerves will feel frayed, but you need to keep calm and hold your tongue as words said in haste can be counterproductive.

Relationships can be challenging in the first part of the year for a few reasons; you can be careless with your words and insensitive to the values and feeling of others. You are in a tough love mood, but that may reflect your own feeling of self-sufficiency. You can come across as distracted and abrupt, and you may want to take more time to invest some emotion in your relationship and pay attention to what is going on with your partner.

This is a very ambitious time for Gemini; despite uncertainty you will press on, determined to make every aspect of your plans viable.

Your relationships with others can be complex – while on one hand you are very supportive and encouraging to your friends and those close to you, having their back and defending them, you can be guilty of manipulating them in a game you are playing.

You are skilled at directing conversations and interactions, then engineering them to your advantage. This is a powerful time for Gemini in business or any Gemini looking to nail a good deal. You should not try and get ahead of yourself; at times you think you are ahead of the game when suddenly things change, and you end up caught in a trap of your own making. Gemini are powerful at using illusions this year – you can get others to react to an image you project while you keep your true aims secret; while this can be very successful, you can get tripped up if you go in for the kill too soon.

The problem for Gemini this year is awareness and concentration – you can sometimes be so focused on one thing that something fairly innocuous crops up and throws a spanner in the works. Nothing should be assumed as this year, last minute changes can often swing a situation 180 degrees.

Denial is a problem for Gemini; often, you just close your eyes to what you are doing, almost holding your breathe and just doing it, knowing that some consequences will be unpalatable to others. There is often opposition to your plans, and so some tough decisions will have to be made. You cannot please all the people all the time, and while it is hard for you to wield the axe (by ending some relationships/friendships or activities), you know it has to be done.

Confrontation during the first half of the year is vital as it helps you establish the ground and clear the deck for your next phase.

Cancer Horoscope 2020

cancer horoscope 2020

Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2020

This year is filled with a vast amount of activity. You will have many different areas of focus, and this may result in you feeling pulled in different directions and trying to juggle balls and fulfil priorities left right and centre. You can achieve a great deal, and you will be amazed at where you find the energy, will, and staying power.

Your projects this year will be clearly defined, focused, and with the aim of fulfilling personal needs and ambitions. This is not a year of wasted energy or effort, there are strong links between effort and input. Prioritising can be a headache, and some sacrifices will have to be made, and so from the outset think about what your most important goals are and how to achieve them; goals which are less pressing or which conflict too much with other unavoidable tasks much be dropped. The most important message this year is that you cannot please all the people all the time, and if you run yourself into the ground, you are no use to anyone – do not neglect yourself and know your limits.

Set your goals clearly and stick to them without getting drawn into activities not central to core focus as you may end up procrastinating and creating crises which will add to stress. Learn to say no. 2020 is a year where planning is very important; you can be called to make decisions under pressure, and if you have a game plan to fall back on you will have a framework or reference point from which to make those decisions and this can reduce anxiety and help you make fast choices. Being organised and writing everything down can help you recap fast and provide assurance of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Cancer will feel the impetus to initiate major changes this year, and in doing so, you will take risks and push the limits. In many ways, you will look to test yourself or push yourself to the limit and at other times you may take a ‘what the hell approach’ by burning bridges or taking leaps of faith on impulse. There is something highly instinctive about the way you approach new situations – you get a gut feel and react to it.

You may stop depending on old friends and seek new friendships which are more helpful to you in achieving your goals. Negativity is pervasive and toxic, and if your friends are Debbie Downers who cannot support you and who can only criticise, then you do not need them in your life; surround yourself with positive, supportive friends who understand if not share your goals.

You need a certain amount of freedom this year as some of your goals involve taking risks and questioning the rules or structures within which you have always worked. Don’t play safe, and do not shy away from goals that are not part of the established norms of your life. Stretch beyond your usual boundaries and do not fear to fail as others failed; their story is not your story or your fate.

This is a very individualistic year where events will encourage if not force you to shift the microscope back onto your talents, abilities, and dreams, and how to redirect your life to be fulfilling on a personal level. This means more focus on you and your needs and goals and less energy spent on the needs of those around you. Think about how you define yourself and how you want to be defined, i.e., wife, mother, business person, socialite. What labels do you put on yourself and do you like those labels – time to re-label yourself and that starts with refocusing energy on you.

Changes that come your way via fated or circumstantial events are welcomed; often even disruptive events can play out in your favour by opening a door and forcing you to close a chapter which you may not have otherwise.

There is an element of insecurity to this year as you cannot be exactly sure of how things will work out, but you know that there is no going back. You may jump now think later, and yet the unstoppable forward momentum feels good and necessary.

2020 is excellent for all creative, artistic, musical, and theatrical endeavours as you can draw on your fertile imagination creating emotionally inspired works.