Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2019

gemini april 2019

Gemini April 2019

With Mercury retrograde from the 10th of April, there can be both irritation and frustration as you are challenged to fight your corner and defend your choices. Things which normally come easily to you like expressing yourself and striking up conversations can be more tricky as you find yourself misinterpreting the signals others are setting off and hitting the wrong notes.

Some of your most tried and tested modes of behaviour may not be getting you results, and you may need to take a step back and think longer before you respond.

You need to be wary of a certain eagerness to draw conclusions that suit you and impatience in analysing everything on the table. You may be too quick to dismiss what could be of value to you.

More haste less speed is the message this month as you may end up having to do things over again, as you overlooked important details.

You will tend to be fidgety, and nervous tension can affect your memory, or indeed if you play sports, your performance and fluency. You need to focus on your breathing as shallow breathing can exacerbate this problem. This month is ideal in learning more about the link between breathing, relaxation, and your effectiveness mentally, and physically.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2019

cancer april 2019

Cancer April 2019

Word of mouth can be an important way of getting a message out, and yet on the flipside you have to make sure the message is clear and does not get distorted. Be careful not to react to rumours – get the facts and ignore the noise. Communication is a double-edged sword – you can spread a message like wildfire, but you may not get the feedback you were after.

This is a month when things like Twitter spats or Facebook confrontations can get out of control and waste your time; don’t put out information or comment which can boomerang back to you in an unfavourable way. You are keen to exchange information and debate with associates, but you need to be objective and open to other people’s ideas rather than identifying with one point of view and trying to ram it home.

Leadership in group situations can be tricky, and you may find yourself out of step with the view of the group, and you will have to decide whether to represent what they believe or ignore them and force them to go along with you.

You may be perceived as quite eccentric by your peers this month – some of the reason for a clash of ideas is that you tend to be progressive and intuitive and maybe even ahead of your time in your thinking, and you may need to leave others more time to come round to your way of thinking rather than forcing the issue.

You are highly strung and restless this month, and so it is best to plan activities where you are mentally challenged and have freedom to experiment and try out new ideas. This month is less successful for routine and structured work, as you will find this very limiting.

Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2019

leo april 2019

Leo April 2019

Decisions, decisions, decisions – it is make your mind up time this month, and yet it can be more complicated than expected. From the 10th when Mercury turns retrograde, and suddenly instead of sending off that proposal, making that application or finalising a deal, you may find yourself having to go back over the details, re-writing some elements or throwing the whole thing in the bin and starting again. There are hiccoughs and U-Turns regarding your plans for the next few months, and it is back to the drawing board to refine and perfect. Sometimes months like that happen to make you realise that what you thought was adequate actually was not your best and a second stab at something is needed.

There is a great need for discipline, especially for creative work, whether that is hobby, leisure or work-related. Take control over the way you approach your artistic work and be less haphazard. It could be time to be more businesslike about your hobbies – often hobbies are so important to selfactualisation and expression that they deserve more time and more seriousness to get more from the process and achieve your ambitions in that direction. So have a schedule, devote more time, enter competitions or attend workshops – be more daring in the way you develop your artistic talents.

You never know – you can turn hobbies into business opportunities, but you need to be more serious. Take your talents seriously this month!

Confidence and self-esteem can take a knock this month – this is merely a call for you to handle yourself in a slightly different way and should be seen as an opportunity improvement, especially in the way you deal with those in authority or conduct yourself in the public arena. Words are powerful, and so make sure you use them in a way that drives the point home without opening the door for you to be criticised. Stay on message, and do not be drawn into arguments or debates that are not central to the issue. Distractions can often cause you to go off on a tangent and miss opportunities to reach an audience.