Aries Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Aries June 2019

The foot is on the accelerator this month with many new events, activities, and chances to take control. A month full of seizing the initiative in every situation, especially where your leadership skills and ability to steer events is tested.

The problem is that you will be pulled in a few different directions at once, and prioritising will need some nerve as you will constantly feel that you have made the wrong choice or have disappointed someone.

You are very protective of your family, and when push comes to shove you will fight their corner very hard, often throwing caution to the wind and not caring who you offend.

Things are very active within your home life, but family members can be challenging to deal with, and you will not have enough patience. Try and be magnanimous and do not force the issue; take a step back and a deep breath.

Be moderate in how you approach things and make an effort not to step on toes; it can be frustrating as you can see clearly what needs to be done and yet you cannot press forward without causing friction. Patience is the hardest thing right now, but it pays dividends.

Repairs and restorative work may be needed in your home this month; it is a good time to do some DIY and home improvements.

You are feeling vital and healthy this month; however, the temptation is to overdo things – remember to pace yourself and eat regular meals to avoid sudden sugar highs and lows and also headaches and strains.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Taurus June 2019

This month, sudden events, especially to do with new information can change your direction and give a new perspective to some of the projects you are busy with. It is a disruptive month where changes to plans interrupt the smooth flow of events but where big improvements can be made. You can draw on your imagination and ability to think laterally to find solutions as logic will not provide all the answers.

You have a great deal of optimism right now; this is not entirely based on events which are actually quite demoralising on the surface; however, you feel rather positive within and that allows you to deal with obstacles in a way that is highly proactive and not defeatist. This month, you can set yourself apart from the crowd by dealing with crises with more ingenuity and creativity.

Originality and inventiveness, as well as an ability to see problems from a unique angle, can give you a way of circumventing obstacles. You are quickwitted and can think on your feet; this month is one where you are ideally equipped to deal with stressful and fast-paced events.

Relations with siblings can be rather tense right now, and you may clash over plans for family events or indeed over family issues – sibling rivalry is a problem that comes to the fore now and makes getting agreement hard.

You are rather hot-headed this month and will react aggressively when challenged; this is not a time to mess with Taurus as they are not in an easygoing mood. You are driven to get things done and will not let much get in your way.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Gemini June 2019

Sensitive and compassionate, you are able to sense subtle signals and use this to make your connections with others stronger. This month, you will look beyond the obvious to achieve your aims, and this can mean that you act in ways which are out of character. You will not alert others to your moves ahead of times as you will want to give your opponents as little time to prepare as possible.

Your acting skills are superb right now, and you can use those no matter what situation life presents you with to get the desired result. The best way to tackle an obstacle is not head on – feel it out and adjust accordingly.

Idealism can stand in the way of constructive progress, so be sure when you make decisions they have some basis, and you are not acting out of a blinkered adherence to a belief system. There is a very strong emotional and subconscious pull towards certain directions, and you often need to take a step back and harness the reason again.

You are very sensitive right now, and that is why you will conceal some of your emotions, playing a character rather than being yourself. It is about selfprotection and self-preservation. Since you are wary of stinging criticism which can hurt more than usual now, you will either delay actions or act in secret until you are sure of the outcome.