Aquarius Horoscope January 2014

A rising wave of optimism comes into sight with generous Jupiter entering your sign on January 5, lifting your spirits and expanding your opportunities for the coming year. The contradictions of your life may start to make sense as your selfunderstanding increases and the patterns in your life come into clearer focus. Being able to visualize future possibilities and establish successful strategies will put you ahead of the game. On January 10, the moody Cancer Full Moon falls in your 6th House of Details, which can make a minor issue feel like a major problem.

Fortunately, this Sun-Moon opposition aligns favorably with competent Saturn and brilliant Uranus to reveal effective solutions. Talkative Mercury turns retrograde on January 11, complicating the flow of information through February 1. The potential to be misunderstood or to lose data is strong since this cycle begins in your sign, so be extra vigilant with communication now.
You should feel the wind in your sails when the Sun enters airy Aquarius on January 19—and an even bigger boost with the New Moon in your sign on January 26. This Sun-Moon conjunction is a Solar Eclipse, which often corresponds with a loss or taking a step backward. However, while you’re likely to let go of a position or attitude that no longer suits you, you stand to gain much more, for propitious Jupiter conjuncts the eclipse and inspires you with a new vision. The ongoing opposition of strict Saturn and rebellious Uranus is triggered by hard aspects from Jupiter on January 27–30that can dramatize their differences. A semisquare to Uranus on the 27th evokes restlessness and excitement, while a sesquisquare to Saturn on the 30th slams on the brakes.

Aquarius January 2014 Key Dates

You welcome the New Year with eagerness as intellectually curious Mercury enters your sign. This normally focuses your attention, sharpens your thinking, and helps you express yourself more clearly. However, since the messenger planet is slowing down in advance of its upcoming retrograde cycle, you may spend more time looking inward to understand yourself than communicating with others.

Jupiter’s entry into progressive Aquarius today is a long-lasting change that may take time to register on you, but you can’t overlook a spiky semisquare between chatty Mercury and electric Uranus. Flashes of brilliance spur innovative ideas and scintillating conversations, though an air of nervousness lends unpredictability to the day. Sudden shifts of mood, mind, or plans could make you jumpy, so be flexible and adapt quickly when necessary.

The creative powers of the Sun come into play on January 9with an inventive sextile to Uranus that shows you how to stand up for yourself without alienating others. Your natural ability to balance individual rights with collective obligations makes it easy for you to bring the two together in a harmonious way. Mercury’s retrograde on January 11, though, is a more complicated story—one in which precise, simple, and clear communication is essential. The inner workings of your mind could grow more complex, yet these private thoughts are not that easily explained. A stable Sun-Saturn trine, on the other hand, provides you with quiet self-confidence and a feeling of solidity in a relationship.

The Sun’s entry into idealistic Aquarius on January 19puts more sparkle in your eyes and power in your personality. Your energy level may be rising, making this a good time to get plenty of exercise and push yourself harder physically. Retrograde Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun on January 20is perfect for introspection. Quiet meditation can be a rich experience that will reward you with wiser decisions in the future.

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