Capricorn Horoscope January 2014

You have what it takes to make things happen this month, and with persistence you’ll be able to deliver the goods—even if a project takes longer than you expect. You receive an energetic boost from assertive Mars in your sign all month, helping you sustain a steady pace of production without wearing yourself out. Nevertheless, you should expect some complications during Mercury’s retrograde phase from January 11throughFebruary 1, and especially when the trickster planet backs into cautious Capricorn on January 21. Loose ends merely alert you not to relax just yet; a the job isn’t as finished as you think. Still, impulsive actions that aren’t part of your plan will only waste valuable time and effort. Resist shortcuts, therefore, when erratic Uranus is activated by the Sun on January 9, by creative Venus and Mars on January 22, and by overconfident Jupiter on January 27.

Additionally, the struggle between taking a risk and adopting a more conservative approach will slowly build as restrictive Saturn moves to oppose unconventional Uranus on February 5. Conceptual breakthroughs are possible and even valuable, but tempering your behavior will prevent you from burning out before you reach your goal.
The Sun is in ambitious Capricorn until January 19, adding power to everything you do. The super-sensitive Cancer Full Moon on January 10, though, opposes the Sun in your sign, flooding you with reminders to consider others’ feelings, too. The quirky Aquarius New Moon on January 26is a Solar Eclipse in your 2nd House of Money, so be careful to avoid any “get rich quick” schemes presented to you at this time.

Capricorn January 2014 Key Dates

Loving Venus enters watery Pisces on January 3and is pushed over the edge of restraint by intense Pluto on January 4, releasing powerful emotions from deep within your subconscious. Your first reaction may be discomfort; nevertheless, you can have a transformative experience if you’re willing to step beyond logic, because shocking Uranus zaps analytical Mercury and forceful Mars with insight on January 5.

Originality is your secret weapon when the Sun forms a supportive sextile with unorthodox Uranus on January 9. Your actions can be quite productive as the Sun then smoothly trines your key planet, Saturn, on January 11, stabilizing your longterm plans. The emotional Cancer Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners on January 10harmonizes with both Uranus and Saturn, suggesting that others will help you in unexpected ways rather than hindering your efforts. Don’t be overly concerned if you need to alter your strategy or reconsider a recent decision when Mercury turns retrograde on January 11, temporarily slowing you down or throwing you off course.

The power of positive thought works in your favor when the Sun conjuncts bountiful Jupiter. But Venus and Mars align with responsible Saturn to give you the sensible guidance you desperately need—even if it’s not what you want to hear. Your willingness to learn an important lesson today can make a big difference in the weeks ahead.

The high-frequency vibrations of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on January 26can kick your energy out of whack. Jupiter’s tense aspects to unstable Uranus on January 27and to inflexible Saturn on January 30encourage you to overreact one day, then fearfully withhold your intentions the next. Moderating extravagant or desperate behavior sooner rather than later can make your life easier in the end.

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