Gemini Horoscope January 2014

he year starts on a promising note with intelligent Mercury entering progressive Aquarius on January 1, followed by abundant Jupiter on January 5. This emphasizes your 9th House of Journeys, which is perfect as you envision the unpainted canvas of possibilities during the year ahead. Valuable Venus enters compassionate Pisces and your 10th House of Career on January 3, attracting support for your professional endeavors, especially when she sextiles Pluto on January 4and conjuncts surprising Uranus on January 22. Life becomes more complicated, however, when the sensitive Cancer Full Moon on January 10in your 2nd House of Self-Worth can leave you wondering if you’ll be able to deliver on all your promises.

Your impatience is exacerbated as your key planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on January 11, backing into serious Capricorn on January 21and resuming its forward direction on February 2. Your recent optimism may sour as you’re required to revisit the basic assumptions on which you built your plans. Your willingness to go back and review previous work can make this month enormously productive, but if you rush ahead with your old strategy, you may confront one maddening obstacle after another.
The quirky Aquarius New Moon on January 26is a Solar Eclipse in your expansive 9th House that conjuncts Jupiter. Pressured to grow, you may not be able to contain your desire for change. You can feel the excitement as Jupiter activates unrestrained Uranus on January 27, but even though the long-term opposition from restrictive Saturn to Uranus isn’t exact until February 5, it’s close enough to prevent you from taking unnecessary risks.

Gemini January 2014 Key Dates

Horizons broaden and your confidence grows as buoyant Jupiter enters unconventional Aquarius in your 9th House of Future Vision, where it remains for the entire year. Additionally, Mercury and Mars agitate Uranus, freeing you from tired old ways of looking at your life. Although no action is required at this time, don’t be afraid to imagine what you can do in a limitless universe.

The emotional Cancer Full Moon on January 10opposes the responsible Capricorn Sun in your 8th House of Shared Resources, stirring up issues with a partner. The source of a problem may be technical in nature, a simple misunderstanding, or a small miscalculation—for Mercury turns retrograde on January 11. Thankfully, the Sun’s stabilizing trine to ambitious Saturn offers necessary support. Backing up your computer files, cleaning your home, and tying up miscellaneous loose ends increase your overall efficiency in the days ahead. Seek a manageable balance between getting what you want right away and patiently working toward your long-term goals.

Mercury’s retrograde continues to annoy you, but when it joins confident Jupiter on January 18, relief finally arrives. Discouragement dissipates, and once again you are able to see where you’re going. The Sun’s entry into Aquarius on January 19 and its conjunction with Mercury on January 20reemphasize the need for intelligent planning. Don’t talk until you know exactly what you will say—and don’t say too much. The additional information will only dilute your important message.

A powerful friend or co-worker arrives with surprising news or offers of assistance as energetic Mars harmonizes with Saturn and Uranus. But attractive Venus joins erratic Uranus on January 22, tempting you to be overly impulsive. Follow through on your commitments or Venus’s opposition to austere Saturn on January 24will leave you with regrets.

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