Leo Horoscope January 2014

The pileup of planets in progressive Aquarius in your 7th House of Partnerships begins the year with a strong emphasis on your friends, co-workers, spouse, and even professional relationships with accountants, astrologers, attorneys, or doctors. Interactive Mercury enters your 7th House on January 1, increasing your desire to discuss ideas and concepts, even if they have no practical value. Your tendency to intellectualize feelings grows stronger when Mercury turns retrograde on January 11. Talking about what you want is even easier than usual, but you may need to discuss the same issue a few times before everyone reaches agreement.

Mercury backs into careful Capricorn on January 21, giving you another chance to review the assumptions on which you’re building your relationships. Making corrections now is less painful than waiting until something falls apart weeks down the road. Abundant Jupiter enters your 7th House on January 5, where it remains for the rest of the year, bestowing blessings on you through your associations with others.
The contemplative Cancer Full Moon on January 10falls in your 12th House of Secrets, temporarily alleviating pressure as you realize that your feelings belong to you and you alone. You can choose what to share when you’re ready; nothing requires you to bare your soul unless you’re willing. The Aquarius New Moon Eclipse on January 26can abruptly shift the prevailing winds when a partner surprises you with a change of feelings. Although you might try to maintain the status quo, it’s really not a wise move to attempt to hold on to anything that isn’t truly yours.

Leo January 2014 Key Dates

Quicksilver Mercury’s tense semisquare to revolutionary Uranus on January 5, followed by its sesquisquare to stabilizing Saturn on January 8, can create disagreements about money with an intimate partner. If you become overly rigid too early in the discussions, you could suddenly reach a stalemate. What happens now can trigger a series of events throughout the month leading up to the SaturnUranus opposition on February 5, which falls on your resource axis of the 2nd and 8th Houses. Meanwhile, impetuous Mars semisquares confusing Neptune on January 6, pulling the rug out from under your feet and leaving you less sure of your position than before. There’s no need to act with certainty if you don’t feel it.

Mercury the Messenger backs into broad-minded Jupiter, widening your horizons of thought and opening vistas of unrealized possibilities. This conjunction in your 7th House of Others can be a harbinger of good news. Let someone who enters your life now show you what you’ve previously missed. Don’t be resistant to new ideas, even if you think you know better. Ultimately, what you learn will be beneficial in ways you cannot yet realize.

JANUARY 27–30 
Reasonable Mercury joins direct Mars on January 27, enabling you to talk about your plans in a simple manner that’s easy for others to understand. But philosophical Jupiter moves into place to take its turn on center stage on January 27–30, offering impractical solutions to an ongoing struggle between innovation (Uranus) and the status quo (Saturn) that will reach its climax February 4. It’s difficult to form a sensible plan without applying enough creativity to make the most of each side.

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