Libra Horoscope January 2014

Although your year begins on a rather serious note, you’ll see things lighten up as you move away from the overwhelming holiday season. The rest of the world may be heading back to work, but cerebral Mercury and joyful Jupiter enter airy Aquarius on January 1andJanuary 5, respectively, setting the stage for an ongoing planetary party in your 5th House of Love and Creativity that recurs in a variety of forms over the next couple of months. Nevertheless, you’re also looking forward to establishing a regular daily routine that will allow you to accept your professional obligations in good spirit as your key planet, Venus, enters your 6th House of Work and Service on January 3. It’s your decision: You can choose happiness by graciously accepting the responsibilities placed upon you at this time.
The emotionally sensitive Cancer Full Moon on January 10falls in your 10th House of Career, exposing your vulnerability to those around you—whether you intend to or not. Issues that come to the forefront now will likely be up for review through the rest of the month because thoughtful Mercury turns retrograde on January 11, backs into cautious Capricorn on January 21, and doesn’t turn direct again until February 1. The nonconforming Aquarius New Moon Eclipse on January 26falls in your 5th House of Self-Expression, and its conjunction to confident Jupiter can give you an advantage when you share your thoughts with others. Even if your actions appear irresponsible, remember that this eclipse strongly encourages interacting with children and playfully expressing your own inner child.

Libra January 2014 Key Dates

You’re attracted to the idea of self-improvement when sweet Venus enters dreamy Pisces in your 6th House of Daily Routines on January 3. Turning your fantasies into reality may take more than a good imagination, of course; fortunately, you’re motivated to express your needs and work toward a more efficient life when Venus receives the support of passionate Pluto on January 4. Although you may not be able to logically explain your actions, trust your intuition on January 5as mental Mercury and physical Mars activate brilliant Uranus. You’ll be rewarded for doing what comes naturally, because generous Jupiter enters your spontaneous 5th House on the same day.

A change in the cosmic weather is under way. Retrograde Mercury’s collision with expansive Jupiter on January 18widens your perceptions and opens your mind to possibilities you previously ignored. Your confidence grows as you receive new information, along with incoming waves of excitement, when the Sun enters conceptual Aquarius and your playful 5th House on January 19. The Sun’s alignment with cerebral Mercury on January 20 fires your mind with all the right words, so reach out and communicate with others. JANUARY 22–24finding your groove Wide swings of emotion pull you one way and then the other January 22–24, as loving Venus first joins erratic Uranus and then opposes restrictive Saturn, making it difficult to find a comfortable position in relationships. Good fortune arrives in the form of a Sun-Jupiter conjunction on January 24. Energetic Mars trines Saturn on that same day, reinforcing your willingness to work hard, your ability to follow through, and your positive attitude.

You’re challenged to keep your eccentric behavior in line as boundless Jupiter overstimulates unorthodox Uranus January 27. Paradoxically, you can feel restrained when austere Saturn enters the picture on January 30. Using your diplomatic skills can help you move through this phase gracefully by balancing your individual needs with the desires of those you love.

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