Pisces Horoscope January 2014

A gathering of planets in your 12th House of Endings makes the beginning of the year feel more like the belated completion of last year than a fresh start. Mental Mercury joins the farewell party on January 1, followed by generous Jupiter on January 5and the confident Sun on January 19. Jupiter remains in your mysterious 12th House for the entire year, bringing opportunities to connect with your subconscious mind in a variety of ways, including spiritual practice, psychotherapy, dream work, and music. You long to retreat from the hectic pace of life, and Mercury’s presence here emphasizes your current need to be alone. The Winged Messenger turns retrograde on January 11, helping you review recent events and tie up loose ends. Sweet Venus enters your compassionate sign on January 3, accentuating loving relationships throughout the month. Her alignment with wild Uranus on January 22and reserved Saturn on January 24may reveal a fundamental problem with self-esteem that will gain significance next month.
The receptive Cancer Full Moon on January 10falls in your 5th House of Self-Expression as you embrace the paradox of needing attention while simultaneously avoiding the spotlight. Grandiose ideas flow quickly when big-thinking Jupiter is joined by quicksilver Mercury on January 18, and you’re ready to swing into action when the willful Sun makes its annual conjunction with Jupiter on January 24. The futuristic Aquarius New Moon on January 26is a Solar Eclipse that can instantaneously transport you where you want to be thanks to its conjunction to benevolent Jupiter. Still, eclipses have a way of shifting the energy in unexpected ways. Be careful what you wish for, as it may not turn out the way you imagined.

Pisces January Key Dates

Stylish Venus visits impressionable Pisces January 3–February 2, enhancing your charm and making you more approachable. But your desires deepen when the Goddess of Love creates a cooperative sextile with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, on January 4. Your comfort with this high level of passion is short-lived when erratic Uranus snaps you out of your emotional intensity into the realm of logic on January 5, and you must figure out what to do with your recent attractions.

You can seamlessly combine nonconformity with a hearty respect for authority on January 10, when the gentle Cancer Full Moon is supported by ingenious Uranus and structured Saturn. You have the strength of your convictions now; Mercury’s retrograde turn on January 11can slow your progress, but it’s unlikely to change your mind. The Sun-Saturn trine reinforces your beliefs and enables you to follow through on whatever you start.

Relationship issues are likely to overwhelm you as you push limits one day, then make amends the next. It can be both thrilling and upsetting when loving Venus is awakened by her conjunction to shocking Uranus on January 22. You may express yourself now in ways that surprise those close to you, especially when assertive Mars aspects unconventional Uranus on the same day. Your actions elicit quick retribution, though, as Venus and Mars bump into authoritative Saturn on January 24. The cosmic lovers may be working harmoniously with each other, yet their confrontation with responsible Saturn won’t let you get away with wild behavior now. You must play by the rules, and although you may feel lonely or even rejected for your previous antics, sensible actions will be justly rewarded.

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