Sagittarius Horoscope January 2014

Your mental gears may be turning in two directions this month as your ruling planet, Jupiter, expands your vision while data- and detail-oriented Mercury trips you up on the small stuff. Jupiter enters futuristic Aquarius in your intellectual 3rd House on January 5for a one-year stay that could make you more curious about life than ever. Your interest even in subjects that never attracted you before is piqued, and you’re excited to share your knowledge. Yet Mercury’s retrograde on January 11 can slow you down with missed connections, faulty information, and communication breakdowns. Do your research carefully and double-check facts before making important statements. Delaying presentations until Mercury turns direct on February 1might be prudent. A sensitive individual may challenge you to be more responsive on January 10when the Full Moon in emotional Cancer falls in your 8th House of Intimacy. Thankfully, a creative trine to the Moon from radical Uranus reveals ways that you can get closer without losing your independence. The Aquarius New Moon on January 26is a Solar Eclipse in your 3rd House of Information, creating yet another impediment to getting your message across now. Buoyant Jupiter is conjunct this Sun-Moon conjunction in strong-minded Aquarius, which can pump you up with a sense of certainty that may be ill founded. Your confidence runs high, but there are obstacles ahead that you’ll want to meet with a bit more self-restraint. Jupiter forms a tense semisquare with reckless Uranus on January 27, speeding you up, then an equally stressful sesquisquare with restrictive Saturn on January 30, slowing you down. Finding a comfortable rhythm or the right proportion between risk and safety may be tricky, so it’s best to avoid making dramatic moves or major decisions.

Sagittarius January 2014 Key Dates

You’re challenged to find the patience for routine tasks on January 5, when agile Mercury semisquares electric Uranus to stir up your restlessness. Yet others are unlikely to match your need for speed or catch on to your unconventional ideas. In any case, impulsive actions could lead to mistakes and wasted time with assertive Mars sliding into a semisquare with slippery Neptune on January 6. Forcing issues may only push you farther off course. Your desire to escape reality is understandable, so take some time to fantasize, if you can. The riches of your imagination might not be practical now, but ideas born from it can pay off in the future.

Another snappy Mercury-Uranus semisquare prompts unorthodox thinking and unusual conversations on January 17, but it can also lead to an abrupt break in communications. Still, retrograde Mercury’s passage over sagacious Jupiter on January 18brings a generosity of spirit that creates enough space to talk about conflicting beliefs in an open-minded way. Over-explaining yourself, though, may add more confusion than clarity. If you sense that you’re not making headway, or don’t understand where the other person is coming from, back off until you settle down emotionally; then start over in a cooler and calmer manner.

You could experience major revelations about your life with the Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter on January 26. What you see clearly, though, may be quite different from what others perceive. An argumentative Mercury-Mars conjunction on January 27reminds you to present your ideas gently if you hope to avoid conflict. Jupiter’s sesquisquare to Uranus will bring more lightning strikes of awareness, turning yesterday’s truth into today’s old news. Allow plenty of time for these brainstorms to settle before you take action.

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