Virgo Horoscope January 2014

Your ability to adapt to fluctuating conditions is tested this month as Mercury, your ruling planet, takes your mind on a wild journey. It starts on January 1when the Messenger enters quirky, airy Aquarius in your 6th House of Work and Service. Alterations of routine can unravel your well-crafted ways of managing daily life. Unpredictable events or new procedures at your place of employment can threaten efficient systems that you understand thoroughly.

Opportunistic Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius on January 5reinforces a trend of experimentation that requires you to upgrade your skills and adjust your habits. You can’t fight progress, even if you’re certain that it’s really a step backward. Help arrives on January 10with a tenacious Cancer Full Moon in your 11th House of Groups that forms harmonious aspects to inventive Uranus and stable Saturn, revealing a safe path between the future and the past.
Mercury turns retrograde on January 11, beginning its three-week period of backtracking that so often messes with communication, travel, and technology. Be as patient as you can—this is a better time to reorganize and complete unfinished tasks than to start new projects. The progressive Aquarius New Moon on January 26 is a Solar Eclipse conjoined by Jupiter that’s likely to dramatize issues at work. Differences of opinion can grow into major battles—or you may simply be so bored or stressed that you’re itching for change. Jupiter forms tense aspects to the slow-moving Saturn-Uranus opposition on January 27–29that emphasize the conflict between playing it safe and breaking free. It’s a good time to broaden your perspective, but not yet the moment to act.

Virgo January 2014 Key Dates

Kind Venus enters your 7th House of Partnerships on January 3, attracting compassionate individuals who don’t require you to be perfect. Allow yourself the pleasure of sharing time with someone who has no ambition other than to enjoy you as you are. Venus aligns in an easygoing sextile with potent Pluto on January 4, enabling you to repair wounds and take a relationship to a deeper level.

Mercury turns retrograde, complicating life with miscommunications for the next three weeks that could have you heading one way while a colleague is going off in another direction. Double-check conversations with teammates to avoid errors that waste time and undermine trust. Reexamining your own methods can indicate where inefficiency slows you down or limits the quality of your work. A positive trine between the creative Sun and concrete Saturn gives you a solid center of selfawareness, allowing you to develop practical plans to achieve your long-range goals.

Your mind stretches with bright ideas as Mercury joins broad-minded Jupiter on January 18. Absorbing so much information takes time, so don’t expect to understand everything immediately. Your tendency to overexplain can add confusion when brevity would let you make your point. The Sun enters futuristic Aquarius on January 19and is conjoined by retrograde Mercury on January 20. Heightened mental activity can stress your nervous system, especially if you feel pressured to justify yourself. You may connect with critical information about yourself, but remember that you don’t have to share it with others. Your need for privacy and verbal restraint is reinforced when Mercury backs into pragmatic Capricorn on January 21.

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