Capricorn Monthly Horoscope February 2014

When you make a promise, you deliver, for Capricorns typically take commitments very seriously. This month, however, you're in the midst of a long-term transition that sets irrepressible Uranus against dutiful Saturn, creating enough stress in your life that you're tempted to impulsively break out of a rut. Since Saturn is your key planet, its opposition to Uranus on Feb 5 rattles the core of your being-a tense opposition between these slow-moving giants that first occurred on November 4,2013, and will repeat on September 15. If you aren't happy in your current situation, this is an opportunity to alter the direction of your life-but real change will take time, because this alignment returns again next year.  Nevertheless, the more you integrate your need for independene now, the easier the process will be later on. With Saturn in your 9th House of Future Vision, you must seriously consider your life's purpose and make a plan to accomplish it. Still, keep in mind that unpredictable Uranus will continue to shake things up, requiring you to adjust your tactics and perhaps even your goals.
Clever Mercury in your formidable sign turns direct on February 1, giving you the mental power you need to tackle complex issues. The dramatic Leo Full Moon Eclipse on February 9 falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources and can highlight difficulties with money, forcing you to reassess your financial priorities. The compassionate Pisces New Moon on Feb 24 is a turning point that can open channels of intuition, while Mercury's conjunction with broad-minded Jupiter the same day brushes away any doubts, enabling you to communicate your highest ideals clearly.

Key Dates for Capricorn February 2014

February 2-5
Your spirits are lifted when loving Venus enters fiesty Aries on Feb 2 and assertive Mars enters futuristic Aquarius on Feb 4. But it's not easy for you to let go of the past when resistant Saturn is stresses by the opposition to erratic Uranus on Feb 5, agitating your fear of change. The emotional intensity can be overwhelming as Venus dynamically squares powerful Pluto, yet it's healthier to temporarily sink into the shadows than to avoid your unexpressed feelings.

February 16-18
Everything feels possible to you as beatiful Venus creates a cooperative sextile with overreaching Jupiter on Feb 16, followed by energetic Mars's conjunction with Jupiter on Feb 17. All this self-assuredness is great-but be careful that your unbridled enthusiasm doesn't set the stage for trouble once you realize what you've promised. Ride Ride the wave of creativity offered by the Venus-Mars sextile on Feb 18, the same day that the Sun slips into imaginative Pisces. But temper your excitement while staying aware of other people's feelings to make the most of this opportune period.

February 27-28
You're running on adrenaline as quicksilver Mercury approaches a conjunction with red-hot Mars in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem. You are ready to declare your core values, even if you must aggressively defend your point of view. But Mercury and Mars both form agitated semisquares to domineering Pluto on Feb 27-28, making it hard for you to control your words. You can hit a blind spot with a frustrating Mars-Saturn quincunx on Feb 28. Be prepared to slow down and adjust your course of action instead of pushing straight ahead. Going faster will cost you more time in the end if you're not flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions.

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