Gemini Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Although Mercury turns direct on February 1, indicating a productive month of putting your previous plans into action, it may still take a few days until the Winged Messenger gathers enough speed to make you feel you’re truly back in flight. But the big news of the month is responsible Saturn’s opposition to erratic Uranus on February 5—a slow-moving aspect that began on November 4, 2008, and lasts through July 2010. You should take your responsibilities to home and family seriously, but things may be somewhat unstable in your career, requiring you to emphasize your professional rather than your private life. You may be more restless than usual and want to make something big happen. But this Saturn-Uranus aspect is more significant than its effect on the current moment alone. Start making changes now without totally disrupting your life; put another way, be sure to fulfill your current obligations as you work toward independence.
On February 4, assertive Mars enters unorthodox Aquarius, where he remains until March 14, motivating you to try new methods—even if you must do the same old thing. As Mars moves through Aquarius, he catches up with jubilant Jupiter on February 17. This dynamic duo of force and enthusiasm can infuse you with optimism and energy to back up your big ideas. The danger here, however, is that you can all too easily overcommit your time, resources, or heart to something or someone. With Venus’s cooperative sextile to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on February 16–18, your charisma is strong and your charm can be disarming. Just stay aware of your powerful impact on others, so you don’t set anyone up for disappointment.

Key Dates for Gemini Feb 2014

It’s a struggle to get your ideas heard as innocent Venus tensely squares shadowy Pluto, symbolizing a clash between your core values and your current experience. You may feel threatened and fight to regain control. Additionally, the Sun forms semisquares with both Venus and Pluto, possibly placing you right in the middle of someone else’s conflict. This emotional intensity feeds into the larger SaturnUranus opposition, provoking risky behavior as you reach for something or someone beyond your current grasp. Yet no matter how urgent it seems, patience, not impetuous behavior, will be rewarded.

Quicksilver Mercury, now moving full speed ahead, on February 14reenters highstrung Aquarius, where it was on January 1–11. The messenger planet journeys through humanitarian Aquarius until March 8, making this a time to focus on the global thinking you must engage in if you are to reach your altruistic goals.

Mercury’s alignments with the Moon’s North Node on February 21and Jupiter on February 24enable you to talk openly about your path ahead, unencumbered by negativity and the details that you can fill in later. The psychic Pisces New Moon on February 24falls in your 10th House of Career, initiating a new cycle of professional growth. Your ability to understand how others feel now augments your communication skills to make you more popular at work.

Fiery Mars forms a tense semisquare with potent Pluto on February 27, followed by an irritating quincunx with Saturn on February 28, placing serious obstacles in your path. Someone might be threatened by your show of confidence. You needn’t retreat: A bit of humility can ameliorate a tense situation. Additionally, Mercury’s semisquare to Pluto can put a strain on communication, making it difficult for you to be heard. Don’t let a sharp edge of defensiveness get in your way.

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