Libra Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Smart Mercury turns direct on February 1, and although it may take awhile before you believe you’re moving forward, the review phase is temporarily over. You may not see results until Mercury enters independent Aquarius and your creative 5th House on February 14, where it joins a planetary party of the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, and Mars already in progress. You are pushed to the edge of your patience and may alter your position with respect to an ongoing relationship. Loving Venus’s entry into your 7th House of Partners on February 2 should add harmony to your alliances and increase your willingness to please someone— though you may instead expect too much too soon, because she spends most of the next four months in reckless Aries. And because Venus moves so slowly throughout the month, you may fear that your desires will never be fulfilled.
Your greatest challenge now is recognizing that you don’t have all the answers, and there’s no quick way to get what you want. Issues related to personal habits and work are raised as shocking Uranus in your 6th House of Self-Improvement is opposed by karmic Saturn in your 12th House of Destiny. Saturn isn’t necessarily gentle when it shows you what you need to learn. Although this long-lasting opposition is exact on February 5, it’s part of a longer process that began on November 4, 2013, and culminates on July 26, 2015, so don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t reach your goals yet. Instead, take a more detached stance, understanding that what you do now is only part of a series of events that can ultimately free you from current restrictions.

Key Dates for Libra February 2014

February 5
You're tempted to push hard for what you want when Venus squares domineering Pluto. Although you may worry about your survival or about possible abandonment, there's no need to overreact. A tense situation is stretched even farther by strict Saturn's opposition to rebellious Uranus today, but keep in mind that your discomfort will ease over the days ahead even if you take no action at all.

February 9-12
An overly dramatic Leo Full Moon Eclipse on  Feb 9  encourages you to demand recognition from your peers. You know the significance of your unique contributions, and this eclipse in your 11th House of Friends and Associates tempts you to toss your patience out the window to get the acknowledgment you need now. This may not be in your best interest, though, for Chiron the Wounded Healer can remind you of another time when your contribution wasn't noticed. Your anxiety increases through Feb 11-12 when Mars, moving through your spontaneous 5th House, can provoke an outburst of anger as he tenses up against the lingering Saturn-Uranus opposition.

February 24
You are quite upbeat about the future and have little problem imagining how your life can improve when mental Mercury joins optimistic Jupiter on Feb 24 - the same day that a psychic Pisces New Moon activates your fantasy life. But this magical Sun-Moon conjunction falls in your practical 6th House of Self-Improvement, so motivate yourself to turn your dreams into action. Additionally, intelligent Mercury's harmonious sextile with charming Venus enhances your ability to talk about what you want in a way that allows you to be heard by those you love.

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