Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Changing perspectives can bring you renewed hope this month. Mercury, the information planet, turns direct on February 1 to put projects back on track and free up communication. Its shift to forward gear in your 2nd House of Resources could generate money-making opportunities and a clearer picture of your long-range financial goals. To maximize your return, though, be sure your pragmatism is stronger than your pride. The messenger planet’s presence in earthy Capricorn rewards ambition backed up by strategic planning. Additionally, the Full Moon in ego-centered Leo on February 9 is a Lunar Eclipse in your 9th House of Big Ideas that may require you to let go of beliefs not serving your current needs. It can feel great to be right, of course, but not when it’s more about saving face than effectively managing your life.
The long-standing opposition between authoritative Saturn and rule-breaking Uranus returns on February 5, forming tense squares to your Sun. You can feel pulled between your responsibilities and the call of freedom, but fortunately you don’t have to make a definitive choice immediately. This is just another chance to weigh the importance of security against your need for stimulation. Learning as much as you can about your own limitations now will lead to wiser decisions in the future. You may shift to a more contemplative mood when the Sun enters intuitive Pisces in your 4th House of Home and Family on February 18. Redirecting some of your attention from the outer world toward personal needs can restore your faith in yourself and those closest to you. You may be touched by a profound revelation on February 24 as the New Moon in spiritual Pisces plants seeds of faith in your fertile 4th House of Roots.

Key Dates for Sagittarius February 2014

Passion heats up as sassy Venus fires into go-getter Aries and your 5th House of Romance on February 2. Fresh forms of fun and spontaneous self-expression can revitalize an old relationship or make it easier for you to start a new one. Expect unusual behavior on February 4, when active Mars enters quirky Aquarius. However, you may find your trust shaken when the Saturn-Uranus opposition on February 5 intensifies the conflict between commitment and freedom. It’s hard to feel comfortable with personal matters when socially sensitive Venus forms difficult aspects with the Sun and manipulative Pluto. Don’t dodge awkward conversations that evoke unpleasant feelings—facing scary issues is a key to emotional growth and future relationship success.

Impulsive actions or careless words can trigger accidents or arguments when pushy Mars clashes with Saturn on February 11, then with Uranus on February 12. Your frustration may lead to a sudden release of energy that you find challenging to control. A conjunction of spacey Neptune with the Sun blurs the boundaries of authority and individual responsibility. While this should fuel your imagination, it also represents a dangerous potential lack of judgment. Fortunately, protection arrives on February 13 as benevolent Jupiter joins the Moon’s North Node and a wise and generous individual gives you valuable guidance.

You don’t have to shout to be heard today, because people will listen when you talk. Chatty Mercury joins your ruling planet, Jupiter, empowering you with words of wisdom that motivate others to pay attention. You have the facts to back up your beliefs and the big-picture perspective that gives data meaning, which is excellent for teaching or selling. You could, however, overwhelm yourself or others with too much information. Being selective in your presentation is more effective than presenting everything you know.

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