Taurus Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Expect your long-term plans to crystallize when intellectual Mercury turns direct in your 9th House of Big Ideas on February 1. This provides a healthy balance between current needs and future possibilities that makes it safe to explore uncharted waters. Structuring Saturn’s opposition to eccentric Uranus on February 5 is the cornerstone of this unconventional month. This is the second in a series that began late last year and doesn’t finish until July 2015. Still, patterns set now can determine whether you put yourself in a defensive position by digging in your heels and resisting change or find the will to take bold steps to create more freedom in your life. Connecting with friends or groups that motivate you to explore new experiences is an excellent way to move in a positive direction. Active Mars enters Uranus’s home sign, Aquarius, on February 4, underscoring the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. His passage through your 10th House of Career signals a need to try different methods if you want to advance professionally.
The Full Moon in lively Leo on February 9 is a Lunar Eclipse in your 4th House of Home and Family. Emotional excess can trigger drama out of proportion with reality. Imaginative Neptune’s opposition to the Full Moon makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction, but it also represents the presence of compassion that can heal all wounds. The spiritual Pisces New Moon on February 24 warms you with the company of caring friends and inspires you with group activities that build a sense of community. Cultivating common cause with like-minded individuals multiplies your power, enabling you to affect your environment in ways you cannot achieve on your own.

Key Dates Feb 2014 for Taurus

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters fiery Aries, which tends to bring out your impulsive side—but it’s in your 12th House of Escapism, where your decision making may not be at its best. Careless pursuit of pleasure can cost you more than you expect, yet your need for spontaneous fun is very real. Find ways to express this playful side of your personality without risk to yourself, your bank account, or an important relationship.

Mars’s entry into Aquarius on February 4sparks an electric power intensified by the Saturn-Uranus opposition on February 5—yet both may be cloaked by the dark clouds of personal issues. Venus creates a tense semisquare with the Sun the same day that both planets form challenging aspects to potent Pluto, which can undermine trust and self-worth. Getting what you want from others can be difficult—or the price may be more than you are willing to pay. Either way, it’s healthier to discuss your differences than to suffer in silence.

Aggressive Mars clashes with Saturn on February 11 and Uranus the next day, which can put you under great stress. Prioritize your responsibilities, since meeting all of them right now may not be possible. A fuzzy Sun-Neptune conjunction on February 12 can represent misdirection, where an authority figure leads you astray or you take on a new role without proper preparation. Avoid putting additional tasks on your schedule until you are certain that your current ones are under control.

A brilliant conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter on February 24 sparks bright ideas and scintillating conversations. Chatty Mercury’s favorable sextile with loving Venus on February 25 helps you turn routine tasks into pleasurable ones and difficult discussions into a caring and constructive exchanges of ideas.

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