Virgo Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Data, details, and communication slowly get back on track as your key planet, Mercury, shifts into forward gear on February 1. Its direct turn in your 6th House of Health, Work, and Daily Routines begins a settling-in period as you get more comfortable with new systems that you may have had difficulty grasping during the previous three weeks. Reliability in relationships of all kinds can be threatened by a powerful opposition between safe Saturn and unpredictable Uranus on February 5. This is the second in a series of five face-offs from your 1st House of Self to your 7th House of Others that’s liable to keep partnerships on edge. You can reduce the pressure, however, if you focus on yourself and relax your expectations of a mate, colleague, or friend. New forms of alliances can emerge that give others more space to be themselves without the threat of a breakdown or breakup.
On February 9, a dramatic Leo Full Moon may spur you to let go of dreams that don’t match your current reality. This Lunar Eclipse falls in your 12th House of Endings, reminding you that you don’t have to hold on to every fantasy or try to be a hero for causes you’ve outgrown. Withdrawing from an exhausting struggle is not a surrender to outside forces, but a victory for your own wellbeing. Relationships return to the foreground when the Sun enters Pisces and your 7th House of Partnerships for a monthlong stay on February 18. The sensitive Pisces New Moon on February 24 attracts charismatic individuals who encourage you to express your feelings more openly, which is bound to warm individual relationships and enhance your intuitive connection with others.

Key Dates for Virgo Feb 2014

February 1-2
The pace of life picks up with Mercury’s forward turn on February 1, followed by Venus’s entry into fiery Aries on February 2. The love planet in your 8th House of Deep Sharing sparks impulses that could shake up an intimate relationship. A sudden attraction or urge for new forms of fun with a current partner puts you in a risk-taking mood. Don’t be shy about initiating change when you sense the need for more excitement.

February 13-14
Optimistic Jupiter joins with the karmic North Node of the Moon on Feb 13, attracting a wise teacher or helping you tap into your experience to guide others. Mental Mercury returns to intellectual Aquarius on Feb 14, adding a quirky twist to Valentine's Day. Talking is good, but if ideas become too abstract, the spirit of love can be lost.

February 17-18
A high-powered conjunction between active Mars and Jupiter on Feb 17 can light your passion for a project. If you want to make it work in the long run, though, don't overreach right now. Assistance can come from an unexpected source on Feb 18 with a sweet Venus-Mars sextile and the Sun's entry into your 7th House of Partnerships. There may be some complicated details to sort out when Mercury's tense sesquisquare to Saturn slows communication. Patient explanations provide clarity to overcome obstacles.

February 24-25
Expect a wave of data and fresh ideas as fact-filled Mercury joins visionary Jupiter on Feb 24. You can make the strongest impact by tempering your enthusiasm enough to keep your feet solidly on the ground. Streams of data from others may leave you dizzy unless they slow down long enough to show you how it all can be applied. A harmonious hookup between charming Venus and chatty Mercury on Feb 25 serves up sweet conversations and boots your self-esteem.

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