Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2014

It’s hard for you to tell this month whether you’re coming or going or just having a déjà vu experience. The culprit is retrograde Venus: She releases strong desires when she squares Pluto on April 3, backtracks into wishful Pisces on April 11, turns direct on April 17, reenters your sign on April 24, and then pushes toward repeating her dynamic square with Pluto, which will be exact on May 2. At times, you feel like you are relearning all the emotional lessons you once knew. It’s a delicate balance between retreating into memories and fantasies, on the one hand, and simultaneously conquering new territory on the other. But your ruling planet, Mars, is in illusory Pisces until April 22, so it could be quite a challenge to muster up the energy you need to follow through on your ideas.
The gracious Libra Full Moon on April 9 offers an opportunity to peer directly into the mirror of relationship to see a clear picture of who you truly are. Remember, however, that Jupiter’s influence on this Full Moon may encourage you to focus on the positive aspects rather than seeing where you need to improve. There is nothing wrong with this tactic, for the power of positive thinking can have uplifting effects—as long as you don’t deny difficult issues you may need to face. A practical Taurus New Moon on April 24 gives you enough common sense to realize that you cannot sustain the breakneck speed for long.

Additionally, this New Moon is trining potent Pluto, empowering you with another helping of much-needed stamina. Still, complexity returns as aggressive Mars crosses swords in a duel for survival with Pluto on April 26, ending the month with the same intensity that opened it.

Aries April 2014 Key Dates

APRIL 3–5 
Retrograde Venus squares unforgiving Pluto on April 3, demanding that you process the rich emotional material buried in your subconscious. Agile Mercury’s supportive sextile to buoyant Jupiter on April 4 enables you to talk about your feelings with greater ease. But Pluto’s retrograde turn adds intensity to an already volatile situation. Frustration reaches the boiling point yet may generate no change when aggressive Mars opposes constrictive Saturn. Your best intentions can be thwarted as the Sun quincunxes Saturn on April 5. Patience isn’t your usual style, but you won’t make anything better now by using force.

You cannot contain your emotions around the intense Scorpio Full Moon on April 9, so go ahead and express them—you’ll feel better. The smooth Sun-Jupiter sextile on April 10 puts your vision into motion. Then communicator Mercury harmonizes with passionate Pluto on April 11, making it easier to talk about even the most private issues. What began as an insurmountable power struggle last week can now be handled with finesse.

APRIL 19–24 
The Sun leaves your sign and enters the slower world of Taurus on April 19, just a few days prior to the New Moon on April 24. But Mars storms his way into brash Aries on April 22, followed by Venus on April 24. This is a powerhouse of a time for you. It will be challenging to maintain an even pace when your world seems ready to break into a gallop.

APRIL 25–26
Contradictions abound as mental Mercury, still in sensible Taurus, squares fanciful Neptune on April 25. Meanwhile, assertive Mars dukes it out with potent Pluto in a fight to the finish, exact on April 26. Unfortunately, there won’t be any winners unless you can work out your differences constructively. The key to success is overcoming your fear and approaching the struggle from a place of love.


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