Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Taking care of your health and maintaining your regular routine require more attention than usual this month. These activities, associated with your 6th House of Habits, are emphasized by mental Mercury’s entry into sensible Taurus on April 9. The importance of these practical issues is reinforced when the Sun enters your 6th House on April 22, followed by the Taurus New Moon on April 24. Fun will not disappear entirely, thankfully, but maintenance work takes priority now over adventure. Attending to the systems that make your life work effectively is always easier when it’s preventive. Ideally, you can take pleasure in refining your work skills and developing healthier habits. Taurus is a sign of stubbornness and sensuality, which means you’re often resistant to making necessary adjustments unless you’re enjoying the process.

Look for action on the romantic front later this month when Venus, the planet of attraction, backs into imaginative Pisces on April 11 and then ends her retrograde period on April 17. Passionate Mars races into Aries and your 5th House of Love and Creativity on April 22, intensifying desires and increasing your willingness to express your feelings openly. Venus then enters spontaneous Aries, joining her consort Mars in your 5th House on April 24, putting you in hot pursuit of romance and creative expression. This dynamic pair in fellow fire sign Aries adds spice to your life and inspires you with a sense of innocence and discovery. The potential for turning fresh ideas into useful projects is supported by the Sun’s presence in earthy Taurus. Sparks of excitement, mixed with patience and fueled by the right resources, can warm your life for years to come.

Sagittarius April 2014 Key Dates

You’re ready to make a great impression, with your confidence high and your enthusiasm, infectious. The willful Sun forms a silver-tongued sextile with outgoing Jupiter that helps you sell your ideas and inspire others. Don’t go overboard with information to make your point: Being strong but subtle is more powerful than pouring it on too thick.

Staying cool while it feels like there’s a volcano exploding inside challenges you today. An impatient and intense conjunction of energetic Mars and nervous Uranus in your 4th House of Roots can produce a surprise at home and tempt you to act without considering the long-term consequences. Fortunately, a broader view is offered by a compassionate Sun-Neptune sextile, which can attune you to others’ needs despite your sense of urgency. Instead of blindly striking out against authority or struggling solo, you can see where your interests intersect with those of a group, ensuring a more responsible expression of your desires.

APRIL 21–24
A sexy Venus-Mars conjunction on April 21 provokes the playful side of your personality into creativity and flirtatiousness. You may be at ease teasing people, but can be surprisingly thin-skinned if others do the same to you. A tougher and more combative side of you emerges with macho Mars’s entry into Aries on April 22, breaking down the door of your 5th House of Fun and infusing you with the courage to act in bold and different ways. Talkative Mercury’s square with bountiful Jupiter can send ideas pouring through your mind and out of your mouth. While you could overwhelm others with words, your capacity to handle tons of incoming data is also great. Vivacious Venus joins the party in your 5th House with her return to fiery Aries on April 24, kicking creativity into an even higher gear and turning your charm up to full volume.


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