Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Finding creative outlets for your feelings is critical this month, because powerful surges of emotion are ready to emerge. The key planet in this passion play is impulsive warrior Mars, as he moves from a sluggish opposition with restrictive Saturn on April 4to a volatile conjunction with shocking Uranus on April 15. The frustration of the former can build pressure that leads to an explosion with the latter. However, this high-energy event is in your 5th House of Romance and SelfExpression, where you can release its force with creativity to free your heart and display your originality in both work and pleasure.

Mercury’s entry into sensible Taurus on April 9 can provide you with practical information from realistic individuals, supplying much-needed stability. At the same time, the Full Moon in artistic Libra highlighting your 12th House of Spirituality contrasts the stresses of daily life with beautiful visions of peace and a desire to escape to a better place. Jupiter generously trines the Full Moon, revealing ways to find the harmony you seek.

Sweet Venus in empathetic Pisces goes direct on April 17, turning your attention away from old romantic memories and back toward making love come alive in the here and now. The Sun warms your relationship life when it enters sensual Taurus and your 7th House of Partnerships on April 19. You can find more comfortable ways to share your life, reducing the stress of an unsatisfying connection or easing you toward a gentle new one. The possibility of developing intimacy with others is increased when the New Moon in Taurus falls in your 7th House on April 24. The slow simmer of this earthy Sun-Moon conjunction is spiced with a trine from pungent Pluto, adding enough intensity to keep you hooked.

Scorpio April 2014 Key Dates

You may have to slam on the brakes as mobile Mars opposes authoritative Saturn. It’s better to take it slowly, even though you feel compelled to go on with the show. Instead of trying to dazzle anyone with style, demonstrating self-control and competence will win you points and help you avoid frustration.

APRIL 10–11
You can stretch your capacities at work on April 10 with the Sun in your 6th House of Employment, aligning with expansive Jupiter. If you’re not getting enough stimulation from your job, you might be motivated to consider a change. Trust your instincts with a sharp Mercury-Pluto trine on April 11 that directs your attention where it will do the most good. Your thinking is clear and deep; your communication is concise and compelling. Venus enters initiating Aries to pique your interest in trying a new hobby or seeking ways to mix work and pleasure.

APRIL 13–15
Words flash with intensity as your nervous system is tightened by mental Mercury’s stressful semisquares to Mars on April 13 and Uranus on April 14. Edginess can originate from your own excitement or impatience, or it might be triggered by someone else’s stress. Brilliant insights are possible, yet speaking too quickly ignites an argument. Tension may peak with the unstable Mars-Uranus conjunction on April 15 that puts you in a less-than-cooperative mood. If possible, take time off to play or explore your own creativity. Your urge for freedom of expression needs to be heard to keep the emotional kettle from boiling over.

The two rulers of your sign, Mars and Pluto, cross paths in a difficult square that can spur a power struggle. Your deepest emotions may be pushing you to act in an uncompromising way. Use this incredible force constructively by eliminating what you no longer need while concentrating on what’s most essential to you now.


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