Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Intense feelings complicate the first weekend of the month as expressive Venus in Aries squares potent Pluto on April 3, one day before the tiny, distant planet turns retrograde. A fierce face-off between go-for-it Mars and no-go Saturn on April 4 ratchets up tension. The slightest delay or alteration in plans can trigger fears out of proportion with the situation. You may in fact be sensing deeper issues about trust, safety, and intimacy that are better expressed dramatically than shoved back into the closet of denial. Mental Mercury’s entry into dependable Taurus on April 9 supports objective thinking and clear communication that adds authority to anything you say. The Libra Full Moon on the same day falls in your 6th House of Work and Service, highlighting imbalances that are undermining business relationships. However, optimistic Jupiter’s happy trine to the Full Moon should bring you enough recognition, or hope for professional advancement, to keep you from feeling undervalued.

The Sun enters sensual Taurus on April 19 to begin your season of birthday celebration. The sweet self-indulgence of your sign is worthy of a monthlong party for the senses. Yet solar pride and courage bring out your confident side, so put down the Ben & Jerry’s to impress others with your boldness and creativity. The Taurus New Moon on April 24 brings newfound awareness of your untapped inner resources. A dynamic trine from deep-diving Pluto to this Sun-Moon conjunction balances any Taurus tendency toward laziness with a desire to make the most of yourself. Travel, training, and education are ways to transform potential talents into practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Taurus April 2014 Key Dates

The rising emotions of romantic Venus stressed by demanding Pluto reveal deep layers of dissatisfaction on April 3. However, learning what doesn’t work in your life can be a powerful first step toward meaningful change. Pluto’s retrograde turn and the unrelenting Mars-Saturn opposition on April 4mark the end of one road and the beginning of another. Fortunately, an inventive sextile between fast-moving Mercury and philosophical Jupiter gives you the clarity to speak the truth without anger or guilt.

APRIL 9–11
Thoughts turn serious as Mercury enters your sign and makes a challenging sesquisquare with Saturn on April 9. Expect difficulty with details and a need to explain yourself slowly to be understood. Your mood brightens with a generous Sun-Jupiter sextile on April 10, pulling you out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Venus backpedals into sensitive Pisces on April 11 to reawaken old romantic dreams and reconnect you with friends and groups who inspired you in the past.

APRIL 15–17
A shocking Mars-Uranus conjunction in your 11th House of Friends and Associates on April 15stirs rebellion in the ranks and spawns surprises. Trying to put a lid back on the situation will only build up even more steam, possibly leading to a major explosion. Overcome your instinct to stifle change and allow as much movement as you can stand. Venus turns direct on April 17 while strained by a semisquare from Mercury. Hypersensitivity can make innocent comments feel like major criticism, so it’s wise to step back before responding.

Playtime is over as a deadly serious Mars-Pluto square sets the cost of carelessness too high. Put away distracting thoughts and focus on taking care of the essential business at hand. There is some vital cleaning up for you to do, and it can’t wait until tomorrow.


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