Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Standing up for yourself is essential on April 4 as assertive Mars in your 7th House of Others opposes Saturn in your 1st House of Self. Set clear boundaries with those who are unwilling to be cooperative, and state your expectations precisely. You are establishing a pattern in relationships that will work best when you know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to express it.

The Full Moon in cooperative Libra on April 9 falls in your 2nd House of Personal Resources, giving opportunities to increase your income and enhance your self-worth. A supportive trine to the Moon from generous Jupiter suggests that upgrading your work skills could lead to a raise. Clever Mercury’s entry into earthy Taurus, also on April 9, grounds your thinking in practical terms and tempts you with the rewards of travel and additional education.

Romantic Venus stops her retrograde movement and shifts into direct motion on April 17. This may not produce an immediate impact on your love life, but it does initiate a process of moving forward in matters of the heart that may have recently been on hold. Consider renegotiating the terms of a personal or professional relationship if you’re not happy. The Sun enters determined Taurus and your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education on April 19, a positive signal for widening your mental and physical horizons.

Using the common sense of Taurus should help you find the most economical ways to explore your options. The practical Taurus New Moon on April 24 is favored by a creative trine from regenerative Pluto. This potent heavenly body might help you resurrect an abandoned project and emboldens you to promote your beliefs with passion and power. Your distant goals can become attainable when they are rooted in realism, nourished with careful planning, and approached with patience.

Virgo April 2014 Key Dates

APRIL 9–11 
Expect a serious turn of mind on April 9, when your planet Mercury enters steady Taurus and forms a demanding sesquisquare with “straight shooting” Saturn. Stick to facts and avoid locking down in a protracted debate where stubbornness overrides common sense. An optimistic Sun-Jupiter sextile on April 10generates a more relaxed atmosphere in which you are not held accountable for every little thing you say or do. Deep thinking and powerful conversations flow naturally with a harmonious trine between Mercury and Pluto on April 11, making it possible to discuss delicate issues without wounding anyone.

APRIL 13–15 
Mercury aspects impatient Mars and eccentric Uranus on April 13–14, spurring weird conversations, verbal explosions, or brilliant breakthroughs. Mars and Uranus join on April 15, fomenting a rebellion in your 7th House of Partnerships that can shake up existing relationships or find you recklessly leaping into the arms of someone new. Experiment and have some fun when you feel safe enough to play.

Assertive Mars enters feisty Aries and is ready to rumble. A volatile square between Mercury and Jupiter leaves you prone to overstatement and can trigger an explosive difference of opinion. You hunger for adventure in your personal life or a chance to try something new in business. Don’t stop these feelings; act on them with caution and sensitivity to turn a restless impulse into a lasting reward.

APRIL 24–26 
Loving Venus returns to hot Aries and your 8th House of Intimacy on April 24, stoking your desires. If you’re being pushed by someone else, however, don’t make any quick decisions. Mercury’s supportive sextile with electric Uranus suggests mental sharpness, yet its square with squishy Neptune on April 25 can be a source of confusion. Mars forms a forceful square with Pluto on April 26 that adds potency to everything you do, but makes it harder to change course if you go in the wrong direction.


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