Capricorn April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Capricorn Horoscope April 2015

Your ambitions may be slowed by unfinished business this month, requiring you to double back, make adjustments, and complete old tasks before you can take on new ones. Regenerative Pluto turns retrograde in your 1st House of Physicality on April 6, reminding you to eliminate unhealthy habits and get yourself in the best shape you can. Saturn, your ruling planet, backs into studious Virgo on April 7 and will stay there until July 21, possibly revealing gaps in your education or training that you must fill if you want to advance professionally. Yet another reason to rewind and review recent events is thoughtful Mercury’s retrograde shift on April 18.

The communication planet returns to your 5th House of Love and Creativity, offering you another look at romance before taking it to the next level, or perhaps giving you time to revisit an old project that still needs your attention.

The opposition between Saturn and revolutionary Uranus on April 26 can trigger another trip back in time. It’s the fourth occurrence in a series that began on November 4, 2013, and finishes on July 26. The stabilizing force of Saturn is shaken by unreliable Uranus, perhaps evoking feelings of insecurity and triggering a shakeup with friends or colleagues. This is also another chance to earn freedom by breaking with tradition and finding the discipline to commit to a new path of your own making. The New Moon in pioneering Aries on April 14 showers sparks of innovation in your 4th House of Roots while the Full Moon in sinewy Scorpio on April 28 challenges you to fight harder for what you want.

Key Dates for Pisces April 2015

Messages get mugged by a Mercury-Saturn quincunx on April 2 that can frustrate communication. If you can’t make yourself understood, restart the conversation from another angle rather than pushing your point more forcefully. Expect social awkwardness with a square between Venus and Mars on April 3 that raises your level of desire yet keeps satisfaction out of reach. But if you can enjoy playing the game instead of worrying about the outcome, you just might have a great time.

APRIL 11–13
Your love life is turned upside down when sweet Venus forms a hard aspect to reactionary Uranus on April 11. This may upset your plans or radically alter moods. A stressful alignment with cold Saturn on April 12 could leave you feeling unsupported and alone. Yet all these transits demonstrate that the rules of relationship need to be updated from time to time; what pleased you in the past may not be rewarding in the present. You can heal a rift and recover your sense of self-worth on April 13, when Venus aligns in a harmonious trine with the Moon’s North Node of integration.

APRIL 19–20
Don’t battle with a boss or other authority figure on April 19, when even the most logical explanation may not be well received. Smoother times arrive with the Sun’s entry into easygoing Taurus and your 5th House of Self-Expression on April 20. As your comfort level and confidence rise, you can make a stronger impression with less effort.

APRIL 23–24
Misunderstandings create wounded feelings on April 23, yet you can bounce back quickly as socially sensitive Venus moves from a confusing square with spacey Neptune to a smart sextile with spontaneous Uranus. The love planet’s creative trine with practical Saturn early on April 24 puts your feet on solid ground, underscoring the common sense that makes you a reliable ally and a savvy shopper.

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