Free Leo Horoscope March 2015

Leo Monthly Horoscope March 2015

Hold on to your hat, Leo, because the winds of change are blowing in your direction . . . and you’re going to like where they take you. Feisty Mars in playful Leo turned retrograde in your 1st House of Self on December 20, 2014, inhibiting your self-expression and slowing your forward progress. This frustrating period ends when Mars turns direct on March 10, beginning a party that lasts until he leaves your sign on June 7. There are other indications that your waiting period is finally over. You get an early go-ahead on March 7 when friendly Venus enters enthusiastic Aries and harmoniously trines Mars, signaling a spring thaw in your love life. Talkative Mercury makes the same transition into Aries and your 9th House of Big Ideas on March 17.

The truth seems clear now, so communicate your position with unwavering confidence. Finally, the Sun enters Aries on March 20. This is the Spring Equinox, a time of creation and initiation for all. But for you, its special meaning is tied to the Sun’s easy trine to Mars on March 21. Suddenly you have the stamina to accomplish more than you expect.

It’s not all easy going, of course. You may need to overcome resistance when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun oppose restrictive Saturn in social Libra on March 9, March 18, and March 21, respectively. Several planets linger in your 8th House of Transformation for much of the month, yet change comes slowly. The magical Pisces New Moon falls in your emotional 8th House on March 15, inspiring you to plant seeds of intention from which intimacy can grow. The relationship- oriented Libra Full Moon on March 29 encourages you to confront your personal needs while also respecting those of close friends and partners.

Leo Key Dates March 2015

MARCH 1–3 
Mercury’s irritating quincunxes from the 8th House of Intimacy to pushy Mars on March 1 and prudent Saturn on March 2 may have you rushing into a deep emotional conversation one minute and planning your escape route the next. But you’re likely to throw caution to the wind when delicious Venus meets up with unorthodox Uranus on March 3. Take a risk and plunge into the unknown, but know that events probably won’t turn out as you planned.

MARCH 7–9 
Romantic Venus starts a new cycle by stepping into courageous Aries on March 7, kicking up the chemistry while a sexy Venus-Mars trine heats your feelings even more. Go ahead and ask for your heart’s desire when chatty Mercury joins confident Jupiter as you’re extremely persuasive now in business and in love. But the flames flicker when Venus opposes sobering Saturn on March 9. This reality check can change your perspective; getting everything you want now is not as important as behaving responsibly.

MARCH 21–22 
What looks like smooth sailing on March 21 when the Sun harmonizes with Mars quickly turns choppy as the Sun forms its yearly opposition with parental Saturn. Yes morphs into no right before your eyes. But don’t give up: An industrious Mars- Saturn sextile on March 22 enables you to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

A new kind of resistance surfaces today and it’s not just a simple roadblock. You face a formidable—and resourceful—opponent at work as the Sun squares vengeful Pluto. Instead of engaging directly, create a strategy that allows you to defuse the conflict while also demonstrating your ability to handle complexity. Turn this battle for survival into a win–win situation.

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