Free Libra Horoscope March 2015

Libra Monthly Horoscope March 2015

Taking care of business has you on the move when this month begins with five planets in your 6th House of Work and Hobbies. It’s a smart idea to stick to a schedule or you might just run around in circles without accomplishing much. Emphasis on work starts to diminish when your ruling planet, Venus, leaves the detail-oriented 6th House to enter headstrong Aries and your 7th House of Relationships on March 7. Loving Venus takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride March 7–11 when she is excited by a trine to Mars, stopped in her tracks by an opposition to stern Saturn, and pulled into dark shadows by intense Pluto. On March 10—in the midst of this planetary shuffle—Mars, in your 11th House of Goals, ends a retrograde period that began on December 20, 2009. It may take a few days to really feel the difference, but you should soon be able to tell that your life is finally moving forward again.

The psychic Pisces New Moon on March 15 is a wake-up call that can unveil a totally different way to get your work done. Trying something new can lead to a significant breakthrough. Your interactions with others continue to deepen when Mercury enters your 7th House of Companions on March 17, followed there by the Sun on March 20, the Spring Equinox. Although you prefer to sidestep conflict, the socially adept Libra Full Moon on March 29 can also skillfully bring tension out into the open. This is an opportune time to engage in discussions that can restore lost harmony to any personal or business relationship in distress.

Libra Key Dates March 2015

Turning your world topsy-turvy sounds like fun when sweet Venus joins rowdy Uranus in your 6th House of Daily Routines on March 3. You aren’t constrained by the usual rules now, so you could make choices that seem out of character. Fortunately, communicator Mercury receives support from potent Pluto on March 4, infusing your words with passion. But immediate gratification won’t bring lasting satisfaction unless you delve into the emotional wetlands and touch what’s hiding in the dark of your subconscious mind.

Your nervous system is overstimulated and crackling with electricity as the hypersensitive Pisces New Moon conjuncts jumpy Mercury and shaky Uranus. This New Moon falls in your 6th House of Health and Habits, giving you a new perspective on how unhealthy lifestyle patterns could negatively impact your well-being. Luckily, positive thinking can spark the lightning of awareness to clear out the tangled underbrush of outdated habitual thoughts. Plant seeds of intention now, for you can successfully turn a good idea into daily practice.

MARCH 17–22
The days surrounding the Spring Equinox on March 20 buzz with excitement. New people enter your life to ignite your enthusiasm and propel you forward as Mercury the Communicator blasts into incorrigible Aries on March 17 and your 7th House of Companions. The Sun’s annual conjunction with alarming Uranus on the same day can startle you awake, yet its opposition to restrictive Saturn on March 21 prevents you from squandering your energy in an impulsive outburst that’s all noise with little lasting value. A fortunate Mars-Saturn sextile on March 22 assures that your hard work is worth it, as long as you involve others in your plan, pace yourself, and pay attention to the details.

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