Free Pisces Horoscope March 2015

Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2015

Pisces isn’t considered a materialistic sign, but this month your thoughts may be turning toward financial issues as three planets enter your 2nd House of Resources. Indulgent Venus starts the parade on March 7, which can trigger impulsive spending. Don’t waste money on fashionable items that are likely to go out of style very quickly. Magnetic Venus in impetuous Aries can awaken a taste for risk, motivating you to seek additional sources of income. Logical Mercury joins the party on March 17, sprouting fresh ideas for new business activities and, perhaps, igniting a plan to learn something new that will enhance your professional value. The Sun’s entry into Aries and your 2nd House on March 20 marks the Vernal Equinox and supplies further encouragement for finding ways to earn money. Be inventive and bold by pushing ahead into unfamiliar territory rather than playing it safe and waiting for the world to come to you.

Initiating Mars finally turns direct on March 10, another positive indicator for making a move to increase your net worth. His shift occurs in your 6th House of Work, which should help you overcome sluggishness on the job and take on new creative tasks. Bright ideas explode with the visionary Pisces New Moon joined to a brilliant Mercury-Uranus conjunction on March 15. Restlessness and sudden change may shake your world, but you also see unexpected opportunities arise as old structures fall away. On March 29 your perspective on relationships deepens with a gracious Libra Full Moon in your 8th House of Intimacy. Its square to incisive Pluto demands that you seriously consider what you’re willing to eliminate to get what you want from others.

Pisces Key Dates March 2015

An electric Venus-Uranus conjunction on March 3 can flip the switch on a new attraction and suddenly cut off the power to an old one. Fluctuating moods and charming people provide plenty of excitement and instability. This is a time to discover people and pleasures outside your usual range of experience. Mental acuity and deep conversations enable you to sift through conflicting ideas so you can make a meaningful choice on March 4, when intelligent Mercury sextiles potent Pluto.

You can see far over the distant horizon with a panoramic Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on March 7. Present facts and future possibilities fuse to inspire your thinking and empower your words, making you a motivating speaker. Don’t overload yourself with details that can clutter your mind and complicate conversations. Instead, streamline your ideas so you can convert them into action now rather than just rambling on with no results.

MARCH 21–25
You must face financial reality when the Sun in your 2nd House of Money opposes restrictive Saturn on March 21. It’s tempting to deny the issue or delay action, yet the Sun is heading toward a tense square to unrelenting Pluto on March 25 that’s not inclined to let you off the hook. Determine who’s on your side and who isn’t. A productive Mars-Saturn sextile on March 22 reveals an effective course of action, but you can’t afford to be held back by unsupportive partners.

Generous Jupiter attracts helpful people with its sensible sextile to the Moon’s North Node. This slow-moving alignment improves the flow of wisdom you’re able to give and receive. If you’ve been disappointed with someone recently, the pain will ease as you come to understand the purpose of this relationship. You’re ready to hear a gentle truth that exchanges the need for blame or guilt for quiet optimism.

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