Free Sagittarius Horoscope March 2015

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope March 2015

Although you have ambitious ideas about your next move in life, action-packed Mars has been retrograde since December 20, 2014, preventing you from making the most of them so far this year. You may feel a bit discouraged as this month begins with five planets in your private 4th House of Home and Family, further forestalling your worldly success. Don’t give up hope, for the energy switches when Mars goes direct on March 10. This is a pivotal time, yet you must be patient. It’ll still take a week or two for momentum to build. Additionally, expect a series of energetic boosts throughout the month as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter fiery Aries and your 5th House of Creativity on March 7, March 17, and March 20, respectively. Harmonious trines to physical Mars should increase the potency of these transits, yet each is followed by a serious opposition with judgmental Saturn on March 9, March 18, and March 21, showing you in no uncertain terms the weakest links in your plans.

The super-sensitive Pisces New Moon on March 15 falls in your 4th House of Domestic Conditions. Its proximity to high-strung Uranus and thoughtful Mercury can agitate emotional tensions on the home front. Don’t let feelings fester; if something needs to be said, say it. The socially conscious Libra Full Moon on March 29 falls in your 11th House of Teamwork, offsetting the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in selfish Aries. Seeking common ground isn’t always easy, but it offers you the most reliable path to harmony at this time.

Sagittarius Key Dates March 2015

Your desires explode on March 3 when sultry Venus joins electrifying Uranus—and you may struggle to find an outlet for them. You’re hesitant to tell others of an unorthodox attraction, for this conjunction occurs in your 4th House of Security, making you fearful of being rejected. Messenger Mercury’s supportive sextile with passionate Pluto on March 4 lessens your anxiety about sharing your deepest feelings, yet your intensity can still elicit an unanticipated response.

On March 7, sassy Venus flirts her way into new territory when she confidently dances into irrepressible Aries to form a superconductive trine with her cosmic consort Mars. Venus—now in your 5th House of Love—turns up the romantic heat while messenger Mercury joins boastful Jupiter in mythical Pisces, enabling you to tell your story with imaginative flair. Your fiery passion encounters the cold judgment of Saturn on March 9, temporarily bringing a chilly reality check.

MARCH 15–18
A thrilling Mercury-Uranus conjunction reinforces the potential of the dreamy Pisces New Moon on March 15. Your fantasy life is rich now, and you’re inclined to share your dreams when fast-talking Mercury blasts into bold Aries and trines feisty Mars on March 17. Alas, you quickly regret any reckless behavior when it opposes authoritative Saturn on March 18. You won’t get away with stretching the truth or sloppy thinking, so figure out what’s wrong and try again.

Your sense of well-being is threatened when the Sun in your 5th House of Love squares ruthless Pluto. You may not truly be in physical danger, but memories of a previous romance gone sour can evoke an intense response. Standing up for what you want is healthy, but be careful; selfish needs could escalate a simple disagreement into outright combat. Let go of old patterns and find the strength to keep on loving no matter what.

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