Free Virgo Horoscope March 2015

Virgo Monthly Horoscope March 2015

Shake-ups in relationships are a significant issue this month as planets continue to revitalize your 7th House of Partnerships. Mercury, your mentally active ruling planet, enters this house on March 1, opening channels of communication and bringing sensitive subjects to the surface. The supernatural Pisces New Moon in your 7th House on March 15 triggers an explosion of fresh perspectives and surprises that are bound to reshape some of the major connections in your life. With revolutionary Uranus in close conjunction to the Sun, breakdowns and breakthroughs can suddenly cut you loose from people and patterns that no longer suit your needs. Creative discoveries, overactive fantasies, and spiritual pursuits may reawaken your interest in a current partnership or open the door to a new one.

You can touch a new level of commitment as three planets move into your 8th House of Intimacy to test the intensity of your desires and your willingness to push ahead and deepen the connection. The process begins with vivacious Venus entering spontaneous Aries on March 7, sparking a frisky attitude as you pursue new pleasures and potential financial rewards. When Mercury follows on March 17, you initiate a more direct way of communicating that cuts through your usual reticence and gets straight to the point.

While being blunt can provoke arguments, it also brings issues out into the open where you can face your fear of rejection or conflict head-on and learn how to get past it. Opening yourself to new experiences takes you to exciting places when the Sun enters Aries and your 8th House on March 20, marking the Spring Equinox. This heralds a new season of engagement as you find greater courage and, perhaps, attract more worthy partners.

Virgo Key Dates March 2015

Mercury’s entrance into watery Pisces is supposed to soften communication and take the edge off criticism. However, a stressful quincunx with aggressive Mars on March 1 and with restrictive Saturn on March 2 could prove extremely frustrating. You may grow angry if you feel you’re being blindsided or challenged by a task for which you’re not prepared. Uncooperative individuals may refuse to compromise, so it’s up to you to spell out your needs more clearly. Don’t expect a response before you’ve allowed time for serious consideration.

New sources of pleasure pop up on March 7 when Venus enters your 8th House and forms an inviting trine with passionate Mars. An intellectually rich Mercury-Jupiter conjunction opens the floodgates of conversation, and a hopeful attitude makes anything seem possible with the right person. This initial enthusiasm, however, can be stifled on March 9 when sweet Venus runs into an opposition with stonewalling Saturn. This is the time to build a plan around the excitement you felt and turn that impulse of attraction or a creative idea into something that lasts. The potential rewards are still there; you just have to work extra hard to make them real.

MARCH 20–21
The freshness of the first day of spring is dampened by the skepticism of a Mercury-Pluto square on March 20. Serious news, self-doubt, or an abuse of trust forces you to look deeper to understand someone’s motivations, perhaps even your own. A complicated opposition between the Sun and Saturn on March 21 can reinforce this heavy mood. Yet you can use your innate self-discipline and patience to overcome a restrictive authority figure or manage new responsibilities with dignity and self-respect.

A loss turns into a transformational opportunity as the Sun in your 8th House of Deep Sharing squares Pluto in your 5th House of Self-Expression. Don’t struggle to hold on to what you have; letting go frees up creative resources that will lead you to something or someone better.

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