Leo Weekly Horoscope Feb 16, 2015

February Weekly Horoscope 2015 for Leo

A great deal may be expected, required or demanded of you near the 8th to 10th, especially from Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo members. Sacrifice may be required to 'put the needs of others before your own.' A 'piece of sad news,' is likely near the 10th to 12th, especially for Lions with elders who are vulnerable or have been ill. Pets can not be excluded on this one; sorry. A strong 'change' is likely near the 13th when challenges lift and a 'whole new cooperative energy' flows down from the cosmos. Celebrate life.

Sentiment easily deepens between pals this week as their worth shows great exponential growth, possibly due to gestures they make when 'your back is to the wall,' and/or you experience some 'vulnerable times.' Those who 'step up to the plate' show their true depth and colors. Those who don't, also edify you.


Romance does best for the single Lions this week or for those who are looking to 'grow and foster' newer relationships 'to the next level.' A huge boost in communication/understanding is likely near the 10th. Older established relationships 'renew' the 13/14th and while Valentine's Day provides a good excuse, the improvement is 'cosmic and destined' for several Lions. Just use the day as 'a good springboard.'

Seeing 'the worth,' is things this week is highlighted in career, as well, as is seeing 'the good effort, money or heart' after bad. Know the limits of 'salvage efforts' this week, especially near the 'shift,' indicated for the 9th to 11th. You may have to 'scrap,' a project or status and opt for a 'whole new approach,' and all the waste, expense and decisions that entails. The 12th is your best day for scheduling into the future.

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