Pisces April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Pisces Horoscopes April 2015

You can make more progress at work and in your personal life this month if you keep your feet planted solidly on the ground. It’s fine to let your mind wander off into the clouds occasionally—Pisces always needs inspiration—but overlooking the basics now can leave you scrambling to catch up later. Mercury, the communication planet, sets the tone by entering reliable Taurus and your 3rd House of Information on April 2. This is favorable for managing data and keeping conversations real. On April 18, however, Mercury turns retrograde, and it will continue moving backward until May 11. During this time, careless errors become more common and more costly.

The importance of mastering details is emphasized when responsible Saturn reenters meticulous Virgo and your 7th House of Partnerships on April 7. You’re laying a relationship foundation that requires clear thinking and perhaps renegotiation before Saturn leaves this house on July 21.

The flurry of financial activity that started last month returns with the Aries New Moon in your 2nd House of Resources on April 14. This enterprising Sun- Moon conjunction sparks your interest in pursuing a new professional path or other ways to make money. Still, common sense must prevail, because the Sun’s entry into grounded Taurus on April 20 puts substance before style. Saturn makes the fourth of five oppositions to rebellious Uranus on April 26, reminding you to weigh the risks of making radical changes before their final opposition on July 26 sets a decision in stone. The Full Moon in steamy Scorpio on April 28 in your 9th House of Higher Truth forms a stressful square to aggressive Mars that can trigger conflict at work if you let your emotions get out of hand.

 Key Dates for Pisces April 2015

The solid mental footing of Mercury in Taurus on April 2 is undermined by unstable Sun-Neptune and Venus-Jupiter semisquares. Overindulging yourself may be fun in the moment, but the physical and emotional hangover may be too high a price to pay. A sexy Venus-Mars square on April 3 makes it hard not to flirt—but you might be better off keeping quiet, since a mouthy Mercury-Jupiter semisquare on April 4 produces words that are less than sincere and perceptions that lack accuracy.

APRIL 10–12
Brilliant concepts revealed by an intuitive Mercury-Neptune quintile on April 10 don’t necessarily make relationships easier for you in the days ahead. Vivacious Venus forms hard aspects with restless Uranus on April 11 and stingy Saturn on April 12 that could provoke erratic behavior. You may be impulsive one moment and frozen with fear the next, or find yourself attracting people whose actions are bewildering. Avoid making commitments until the situation settles down enough to show you exactly where you stand.

APRIL 23–24
The allure of romance is strong with a square between loving Venus and idealistic Neptune on April 23, yet what you feel may not be what you get. It’s wiser to live in the fantasy realms of film, music, or dance than to project hopes onto others unworthy of them. Happily, Venus soon makes favorable connections with Uranus and Saturn, snapping you back to attention and sparking original yet workable ways to bring your heavenly feelings down to earth.

When a passionate Scorpio Full Moon in your 9th House of Big Ideas combines with a boatload of Jupiter aspects, you say more than is wise. Honesty is vital, but it starts inside. Your own awareness of the truth will set you free, whether others are ready to hear it or not.

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