Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Feb 16, 2015

February Weekly Horoscope 2015 for Sagittarius

Several demands on your time the 8th to 10th may blend with either some 'bad/sad' news or some kind of 'thing you really did not want to hear,' but must deal with nonetheless. Travel and several local errands are both likely. Food, clothing, vehicle and education expenses may be 'on the rise,' especially if you have age appropriate children in the household. A long talk near the 11th to 13th may 'stave off a problem,' especially if Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Gemini or other Sags are involved.

You are very sentimental about your friends and several Arches will be taking 'stock' of current status in relationships and really focusing quickly on any they have felt they 'neglected' due to distraction. The big question and impetus seems to be 'how much time has it been since...'? Ask yourself that one about your entire address book and then DO something about it!


Romance and 'love in all forms,' definitely has some rather deep and very 'sentimental ties,' this week and that can include concerns over relationship status you have 'neglected' to any degree this week. Scrambling back from having 'ignored' someone you love can be very easy after the 11th, especially with Valentine's Day in there to help you!

Starting with the 'oldest tasks' that have been left undone FIRST would be wise the 8th to 10th. Clear your plate and 'check in,' on ANY 'old business.' The cosmos is warning you that gardens left untended this week can suffer worse fates than weeds. Complications can arise quickly 'late in the day,' on the 10th and some 'fast fix it,' time may have to be devoted to something or some one and you'll need freedom from 'the usual business' to address it. Work ahead when or where ever possible. Cooperation is best the 11/12th but it isn't any thing to write home about.

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