Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Virgo March Week 1

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Virgo Family March 02 2015:
Your fuse is short, your mind is restless and fatigue may blur your good judgment the 15th; beware the ides of March! Zip your lip, especially with elders of any sign, Pisces, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini or other Virgo members. The rest of the week appears enjoyable, especially any gatherings but you may need to 'spend,' and that one can always unnerve you.

Virgo Love March 02 2015:
Romance is NOT good the 15th, especially if you 'open mouth and insert foot.' Your impatience and your irritation level happen to be naturally on the rise that day and in just 24 little hours, you may completely change mind sets. Do NOT 'say or do,' anything rash that can not be 'reversed.' There is a warning to 'watch what you put in writing' the 17th to 19th that APPEARS more career oriented, but may unfold in love proclamations for some of you.

Virgo Friendship March 02 2015:
Hand holding, for a buddy or a buddy for you, is likely near the 15/16th with Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries or other Virgo pals linked to the other hand. Termination of employment, loss of relationship status or financial woes appear likely causes on this one. Enjoyable gatherings and mile stone events appear likely the 18th to 23rd.

Virgo Career March 02 2015:
Your stars show you have some good and possibly 'big ideas,' the 15th but if they are not received well by coworkers or bosses, you may be prone to 'cop an attitude,' that could be damaging in the long run. Be willing to wait and try again the later hours of the 17th when your stars give you a 'natural push,' to be supported, understood, accepted AND 'admired.' Watch out for delays early on the 18th and take care 'what you put in writing,' in ANY form, from innocent emails to contracts. Fine print and hidden meanings need examination.

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