Aquarius Weekly Horoscope March 9, 2015

Aquarius March Weekly Horoscope 2015

Romance does super well this week with single Totters hitting hot promise near the 12th, if you want short term and sexual, the 13th, if you don't mind mistakes you'll have to live down, the 14/15th if you want 'long term commitment' and the 16/17th if what you're hoping for is quality companionship and an 'adventure'. A 'sudden opportunity' the 18th may 'spin your world'. Take your time.

A new friend is likely this week and those made tend to be life long and richly rewarding, especially IF the connection comes near the 15th and/or 18th or possibly involves Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius or Gemini. Meeting pals through 'friend of a friend' may be a reliable source but 'choosing your own path' may also yield surprising rewards.

Mr. Big may say 'yes' on the 12th and then change it to 'no' by/before the 14/15th; don't let that throw you as there is likely to be yet another 'reversal' near as soon as the 16th or 20/21st or as far out as the week of the 26th or mid July. Don't make any statements before groups the 15th and avoid appearing pushy or demanding. Trust your gut the 15/16th as your ESP is stellar and 'right on!'

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