Aries May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Aries

Although the month may open on a frustrating note, you can make progress as long as you respect other people’s boundaries and play by the established rules. Saturn seeks stability, yet its annoying quincunx to nebulous Neptune on May 2 could bring discouragement if control of your own destiny slips away, leaving you uncertain about your next move. But hope looms large when enthusiastic Jupiter moves closer to brilliant Uranus.

Tie up loose ends so you’re ready for what lies ahead. You must stand up to authority and overcome resistance to innovative ideas when expansive Jupiter reaches opposition to contractive Saturn on May 23. Even if you know where you want to go, you must honor previous commitments before making new ones. Instead of cultivating resentment about what’s delaying immediate gratification, focus on the long-term gains.

Mercury the Messenger is retrograde in your 2nd House of Self-Worth, requiring you to reevaluate the relationship between your core beliefs and your material wealth. Its direct turn on May 11 can indicate a change of financial status, though this could take a few days to develop momentum and become noticeable.

The practical Taurus New Moon on May 13 falls in your 2nd House of Possessions, making this a great time to firm up your intentions about improving your fiscal status. The pace of your life accelerates on May 17 as Mars finally pushes into new territory for the first time since turning retrograde last December. Your excitement mounts on May 27 when futuristic Uranus’s entry into enterprising Aries, combined with the visionary Sagittarius Full Moon, brings the distant horizon into view.

Aries Key Dates May 2015

MAY 2–4
Paradoxically, the most reliable solutions now are the same ones that previously let you down as confusing Neptune diffuses the hard edges of realistic Saturn. A temporary retreat is a smart idea, but forceful Mars pushes you hard, increasing interpersonal tension. Get over your insecurities if you’re feeling rejected. Aggression won’t fix anything. If you want immediate resolution, handle your own emotions instead of attempting to change anyone else.

Don’t wait until the weekend to have a good time. The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, are doing a smooth dance today as they form a supportive sextile, allowing you to get what you want without a lot of extra effort. You can execute even the most difficult social moves with skillful grace, so don’t hold back when asking for your heart’s desire.

MAY 11–13
Mercury in determined Taurus completes its retrograde phase on May 11, enabling you to cautiously begin implementing the plans for self-improvement that you conceived last month. Waiting until the Taurus New Moon on May 13, however, will provide even more momentum to a thoughtful strategy. Cleverness helps, but it’s your methodical follow-through that makes the difference between failure and success.

MAY 17–19
There are so many conflicting currents bouncing you around that it’s impossible to describe them all. Try as you may to separate the variety of developing situations, they are more interrelated than you realize. It’s as if you’re playing multidimensional pinball. You must set aside long-term strategies if you hope to keep the increasingly complicated game in motion. It’s fun, but it can be exhausting if you don’t take care of yourself. Although a lot is happening, these are not long-lasting patterns—so don’t stress about any loose ends. Enjoy the craziness while you can.

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