Cancer 23-29 March Weekly Horoscope 2015

Cancer Weekly Horoscope March 23, 2015

A busy and demanding week appears to only 'grow more so' as we near the 25th and it really 'complicates' especially IF you have youth/children or care for elders. Here's the big deal; if you are an adult, saddled with lots of 'care taking responsibilities' you need to get as much accomplished the 21st to 24th as you can; load the fridge, run errands, pay bills, etc. Set up a schedule, post it and stick to it. Personal fatigue may hit near the 26/27th with common cold, throat, back, digestive and minor injury. Schedule hassles, setbacks, delays and disappointments are likely, as are behavior issues, discipline and outright 'legal problems with/over youth/children' especially Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius or Gemini.

Who has time for love this week IF you have a functioning family house hold? Single Crabs do well in hunting down romance near the 21/22nd, the evening of the 23rd, all day the 24th and especially the evening of the 26th; thank God it's a weekend! Hot potential with Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra and Capricorn could have some 'lasting power.' Paired Crabs will be lucky to see affection, support, attention or thoughtfulness reflected as 'gestures of love' this week.

Call upon your friends IF and WHEN you need help this week and that is going to be the 25th to 28th, I promise you; and Rita Ann makes VERY few promises. You ask so little and so seldom. It is TIME. You are the first one there to offer your support. Friendship is a two way street and if you fail to give your pals the chance to walk 'the other direction' you fail to be a really good friend.

Thank goodness any 'vulnerable time' your stars show you are likely to 'personally have' is slated to hit in late on the 25th, which gives you most of the week to hustle your butt in career. You may star to notice some challenges in mental focus as soon as the later hours of the 24th so double check your work, especially your communications or any long distance dealings. Also, early in the week near the later hours of both the 21st AND the 22nd, take care to keep any 'personal and/or emotional comments, observations or involvements' OUT of your work place/career life.

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