Cancer April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Cancer Horoscope April 2015

Managing data and the flow of information is top priority this month. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, slips back into your 3rd House of Communication on April 7, making you more accountable for the messages you send and challenging you to express yourself more precisely for the next few months. Study issues carefully before sharing your comments—others will easily detect errors. Mercury the Messenger adds another layer of complication when it turns retrograde on April 18. Its backward march in your 11th House of Groups until May 11 increases the likelihood of misunderstandings with friends and colleagues. Verify facts and doublecheck what you hear to reduce problems. Reconnecting with old pals or co-workers and refining details in team projects are positive activities during this period.

New responsibilities will likely follow the irrepressible Aries New Moon in your 10th House of Career on April 14. You may feel overburdened with tasks for which you’re ill prepared. Still, a spark of excitement can motivate you to initiate projects in your professional life that could accelerate your climb up the ladder of success. Agitation aroused by this New Moon will likely settle when the Sun enters stable Taurus on April 20. Reliable allies are there to support you if you’re willing to ask for their help.

The fourth opposition of dutiful Saturn and rebellious Uranus returns on April 26 as part of a series that began on November 4, 2013, and ends on July 26. The ongoing struggle between self-expression and your obligations to others can flare up again to remind you how important it is to balance your external commitments with time for personal pleasure and play.

Key Dates for Cancer April 2015

Be careful about spending too much, playing too hard, or loving too recklessly on April 3, when a passionate Venus-Mars square pushes you over the edge of reason. If a friend has enticed you to take a foolish risk, you should be able to recover on April 4 when a wiser person helps put you back on track. Words can sting on April 5; a stressful square between Mercury and hostile Mars could provoke impatience and harsh language. Keep an open mind and a flexible attitude to avoid getting locked into an exhausting debate.

APRIL 10–12
Protect your vulnerable heart this weekend, as planetary clashes tend to upset your plans. Macho Mars skids off pugnacious Pluto on April 10, followed by a flaky Venus-Uranus semisquare the next day. You can turn a chaotic time into one of excitement if you’re open to social surprises and willing to experiment with different kinds of people and pleasures. Nevertheless, practical Saturn aligns with
romantic Venus on April 12, forcing accountability and bringing relationship matters efficiently back down to earth.

You bounce from high to low and back again as mixed signals and emotionally extreme individuals tend to keep you off balance. Still, no matter how bad things appear, it’s clear that there are goodies available when you focus more on what you have than on what you’re missing. You don’t need to address problems directly today; time has a way of turning disaster into delight without much effort on your part.

APRIL 23–24
Vivacious Venus leads your judgment astray with a wobbly square to whimsical Neptune on April 23. Fantasies appear delicious, but reality is ultimately more nourishing. Reliable Saturn hooks up with the love planet on April 24, solidly planting your feet back on the ground—perhaps taking some air out of your balloon, but compensating you with a strong sense of security and a more accurate view of others.

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