Cancer May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Cancer

Professional matters and public responsibilities are subject to reevaluation and revision as two major events start rolling out later this month. Optimistic Jupiter and realistic Saturn shape your career and long-range planning when they form the first of three eye-opening oppositions on May 23. Frustration at work due to lack of opportunities or the limits of your education may reach a critical point. This pattern repeats on August 16 and March 28, 2016, giving you plenty of time to adjust your priorities and redirect your resources to get the training you need to realize your full potential. Uranus, the planet of surprise and innovation, enters your 10th House of Career on May 27. There it will rattle your cage until it backs out on August 13 before returning for a seven-year stay on March 11, 2016. A breakthrough in your profession is likely if you can let go of the past and let your instincts lead you in an entirely new direction.

Messenger Mercury’s direct turn on May 11 unclogs the flow of communication. Data again moves quickly while your connections with colleagues begin to get back on track. The New Moon in obstinate Taurus in your 11th House of Groups on May 13 provokes challenges from friends and teammates with macho Mars attacking this conjunction with a tense square. Choose your battles carefully, because it’s easy for distractions to drain your energy. On May 27, the Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius stretches boundaries in your 6th House of Work. Taking the initiative to launch new projects makes sense as long as you don’t over commit yourself.

Cancer Key Dates May 2015

MAY 2–4
It is exhausting to always resist pressure from others, yet an awkward Saturn- Neptune quincunx on May 2 and a tough connection between impetuous Mars and demanding Saturn on May 3 indicate a difference of agendas. Conserve your energy for tasks you do well rather than blindly fighting losing battles. Inconsistent authority figures act irrationally with the willful Sun making tense angles to angry Mars and jumpy Uranus on May 4. If you’re a leader, control your impatience to avoid conflict; if not, expect instructions to change without warning.

MAY 13
Look for encouragement from your peers, thanks to the New Moon in fertile Taurus. Tense squares from Mars and nebulous Neptune could lead you astray, however, if emotion overcomes reason. Fortunately, reliable Saturn’s supportive trine to the Sun-Moon conjunction puts you ahead of the pack—if you’re discerning enough to ask the right questions and bolster your inspiring ideas with plenty of research.

MAY 19–20
Charming Venus enters your sign on May 19, enhancing your image and increasing your allure for the next three weeks. Treat yourself with love; indulging yourself with beautiful things and sweet delights makes others notice the sparkle in your eyes. Your charisma attracts people, and your graciousness earns their approval. The Sun enters inquisitive Gemini and your 12th House of Secrets and Spirituality on May 20. The most important work you do in the next month could be behind the scenes, focusing on inner development rather than outer accomplishment.

MAY 23
Relationships see their share of power struggles now as harsh Pluto in your 7th House of Partnerships opposes nurturing Venus. It’s hard to feel satisfied when you’re dealing with an unhappy individual or when you recognize the pain of your own unfulfilled needs. You’re tempted to get caught up in the blame game, but no one wins if one of you winds up feeling like a loser. Be truthful about what turns you on and what turns you off, but express it in a loving manner to turn a potential breakdown into a meaningful breakthrough.

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