Capricorn May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Capricorn

New hopes rise in the face of old realities, challenging you to find ways to grow without damaging your firm foundation of security. Rational Mercury’s direct shift in your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression on May 11 turns your mind toward creative projects that you’ve been delaying during its three-week retrograde cycle.

The sensual Taurus New Moon in your playful 5th House on May 13 fuels your passion to express your individuality, especially with hot and sassy Mars making a tense square to this Sun-Moon conjunction. Pace yourself on the road to personal satisfaction instead of allowing an impatient person to bully you into going faster than you want. The delights you desire will not disappear. Indeed, this could be the start of a lasting new relationship between you and pleasure.

Vivacious Venus enters your 7th House of Partnerships on May 19, drawing nurturing love into your life. Responding with equal sensitivity is the best way to attract someone new or bring more joy to your present union. Jovial Jupiter makes the first of three oppositions to austere Saturn on May 23, putting you smack in the middle of joyous expectations and limiting realities. It’s time to align your highest aspirations with your present circumstances to devise a plan for personal and professional success. This opposition recurs on August 16 and on March 28, 2016, giving you time to establish a strategy to make this happen. The Full Moon in philosophical Sagittarius falls in your 12th House of Soul Consciousness on May 27, stirring awareness of your divine purpose and offering you spiritual guidance. Your ruling planet, Saturn, turns direct on May 30, adding conviction to your efforts to take charge of your life.

Capricorn Key Dates May 2015 

MAY 10
Trust is threatened as the Sun sidles up to sneaky Pluto, provoking you to feel manipulated or to be accused of being manipulative yourself. The task is to face unpleasantness with a constructive attitude. Your willingness to honestly address your feelings and examine your underlying motivations will strengthen an alliance instead of tearing it down.

MAY 17–18
Relationships grow complicated on May 17, when little annoyances grow into major concerns. Cranky Mars is wrestling with insistent Pluto while loving Venus first squares permissive Jupiter on the 17th and then squares stern Saturn on the 18th. Confidence can plunge with the slightest provocation, yet all ends well when a forgiving Venus-Neptune trine is followed by a reasonable Sun-Saturn trine. If you give up guilt, blame, and shame, you can restore peace quickly.

MAY 23
You struggle to compromise today, thanks to a lusty Venus-Pluto opposition that tends to arouse either extreme attraction or total repulsion. Yet on this day of the first of three Jupiter-Saturn oppositions, you’re being called on to rise above the emotions of the moment and think in terms of lasting consequences. Speaking up about what you desire—or what you detest—is healthy as long as you listen to others’ needs as well.

MAY 30
Today is a critical convergence of past and present, with an important partnership in the balance. Venus, the planet of love, crosses the karmic South Node of the Moon just as Saturn turns direct. You can expect frustration as the Capricorn Moon restrains your feelings, leaving you with a sense of powerlessness. But there’s no time to baby the weakness in yourself or others. Be a good Capricorn by deciding what you want, shaking off your pain, and taking concrete action that will eventually put you back in control of the situation.

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