Gemini 23-29 March Weekly Horoscope 2015

Gemini Weekly Horoscope March 23, 2015

Get as much done the 21st to 23rd as you can since some down time may be on the way the later hours of the 23rd to 25th with common cold, flu, digestive, minor injury, fatigue, complications/hassles or other types of distractions where you'll need to depend upon delegated duty to other members to 'carry' you. You attitude is cheerful through it all [for those of you who may hit this one,] and recover appears swift so that by the 26/27th humor is restored and you are able to attend gatherings and typical weekend plans.

Romance does well with high level communications indicated in what may be constructive and/or long or 'revealing talks' near both the 23/24th and later on the 25th. They may be in 'stages' of either fixing or growth or 'getting to know' clearing the air or other types of informative discussions. Having 'psychological comfort' is vastly important to the Twin, no matter WHAT the 'stage' of relationship status; old OR new.

Here too, we see a lot of talking and 'exchanges' and 'growth' situations but these may be more in physical activities of either shared hobbies, sports and events OR, favors done when your back is to the wall and the depth/breath of your status grows dues to 'appreciation' and mutual respect; both excellent ingredients in a healthy relationship.

Just when opportunity may be at its very best, you may be vulnerable and at your very worst, especially if fatigue, minor injury or distraction hits in. To avoid this one; rest, eat right, take a pass on foolish choices to 'have it all' and focus on the goals and needs of your career life FIRST, especially near the 23rd to 25th. IF it is 'unavoidable' like a cold/flu/sinus, then call upon trusted souls to help you 'get by' like coworkers or industry pals who are Aries first, Leo next and other Twins who may NOT have succumb to the same unfortunate condition/s as you. For those of you who miss 'vulnerabilities' it is likely to be a smooth and productive week but should you 'hit a snag' call upon these pals to 'have your back.'

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