Gemini May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Gemini

What begins as a general malaise—when somber Saturn forms an annoying quincunx with ambiguous Neptune on May 2—can turn into a challenging situation that forces you to make a tough decision later in the month. On May 23, Saturn tensely opposes optimistic Jupiter, sending you simultaneous stop and go signals. Saturn The Tester in your 4th House of Home and Family reminds you of inescapable personal obligations, while Jupiter in your 10th House of Career can open doors to exciting new opportunities. Unfortunately, you may be stressed by this dilemma for much of the month, convinced you’ll miss your chance for recognition if you don’t focus all your effort toward getting ahead. Yet there are great rewards around the corner if you’re willing to take a slower, more cautious approach.

Ultimately, the lesson of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition—a long-lasting aspect that will resurface on August 16 and March 28, 2016—is one of balance. Too much change too fast is as dangerous as trying to avoid change completely.

Messenger Mercury ends its retrograde phase on May 11, allowing your forward progress to resume. You’ll find new willpower to eliminate old habits that limit your development or sever ties with people who stand in your way when the practical Taurus New Moon on May 13 falls in your 12th House of Endings.

The Sun’s entry into your sign on May 20 stimulates your chronic restlessness, and the adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon in your 7th House of Others on May 27 can bring someone into your life who encourages you to follow your dreams. Breakthrough Uranus’s entry into pioneering Aries the same day electrifies your 11th House of Long-Term Goals, setting you up for even bigger changes next month.

Gemini Key Dates May 2015

MAY 2–4
It’s hard to combat an underlying sense that something’s not quite right, for you can feel resistance all around you. Nevertheless, you are willing, maybe even eager, to assert yourself if someone challenges your perspective when logical Mercury harmoniously trines potent Pluto on May 3. Be careful: Warrior Mars is trigger-happy and could lead you into an unnecessary battle of wits before you even realize that you’re fighting. Knowing you’re right is well and good, but proving it to someone else may not be the best use of your energy.

MAY 17–20
Although you may experience a few false starts—especially if you’re overeager for change—these days can also bring opportunity and growth. One minute you’re confident enough to take on any project; the next you could feel so uncertain of your skills, you vacillate between common sense and impulsive risk taking. Nevertheless, by consciously tempering your extremes, you can stabilize your position and make real progress, both personally and professionally.

MAY 23
It’s hard to avoid slipping into denial when exuberant Jupiter is stressed by unyielding Saturn, while sweet Venus is opposed by cold Pluto. But suppressing tension will likely throw you off balance. Today is a potent reminder that living in the present moment is safe, unless you insist that you must exert control over the current circumstances. Practice nonattachment and you will effortlessly glide through the day, learning what you need to know along the way.

MAY 27–30
The cavalier Sagittarius Full Moon, combined with brilliant Uranus’s ingress into groundbreaking Aries on May 27, is an important turning point. You have made a significant relationship choice and there’s no going back, especially when karmic Saturn turns direct on May 30. Your excitement level is high, but don’t let anticipation of what’s ahead get in the way of the sound judgment that’s so crucial at this time.

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