Leo April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Leo Horoscope April 2015

Your life is on the move now that outgoing Mars in bighearted Leo has resumed direct motion, but great ideas and good intentions are not enough to guarantee success. You need common sense, too—and it may call for scaling back your plans. Mercury enters back-to-basics Taurus on April 2, downshifting your speedy mental processes to a slower, more methodical pace. Sometimes Mercury can run through a house in two weeks, but this time it turns retrograde on April 18, then hangs around in your 10th House of Career until June 10. Focus on your success in the public eye—yet use the time when the communication planet is backing through familiar territory to review your professional goals and rethink current strategies.

On April 7, karmic Saturn retrogrades back into exacting Virgo and your 2nd House of Money, another indicator that you can’t forge ahead until your material ducks are in a row. The irrepressible Aries New Moon in your 9th House of Future Vision on April 14 tempts you to force a change that aligns your life with your dreams. But the Sun’s entry into Taurus on April 20 is just one more sign that mundane matters are temporarily more important than the most alluring fantasy. This tension between your previous commitments and your need for something wildly different increases throughout the month until something suddenly gives. A slow-moving opposition between responsible Saturn and radical Uranus is exact on April 26, suggesting that you can’t contain yourself any longer. The resourceful Scorpio Full Moon on April 28 is opposite generous Venus and the Sun in your public 10th House. Recognition and success can be yours . . . if you are really want them.

Key Dates for Leo April 2015

Magic is in the air, and it’s not a slick disappearing card trick; this is something deeper and much more entrancing. Omnipotent Jupiter in your 8th House of Regeneration quintiles potent Pluto in your 6th House of Work to unleash the power of change. Right now, the strength of your convictions is enough to bring transformation. There’s no need to wave a wizardly wand; just move your mind.

Venus and Mars lock horns in a spicy square on April 3 that stirs uneasy romantic attractions. Luckily, sensual Venus moves on to harmoniously trine passionate Pluto on April 4, adding substance to your feelings and intimacy to your interactions. When communicator Mercury in your 10th House of Status squares contentious Mars on April 5, you incorrectly think you must defend your honor. Tempers flare, but Mercury’s trine to Pluto on April 6 allows you to bring the conversation back to real issues. Discussing what motivated the conflict is your key to resolving it.

You struggle to be true to yourself without angering others during today’s uneasy quincunx between expressive Mars and repressive Pluto. Holding back the wave of feelings is futile, yet the situation escalates once you start to show your true colors. Staying aware of how others may react to your emotions can help you frame them more constructively.

APRIL 17–19
You see the silver lining in every dark cloud on April 17 thanks to a beautiful Venus-Jupiter alignment. The Sun’s sweet sextile with imaginative Neptune the next day makes the good news even better as your fantasies kick in. But a communication hang-up can flip your world upside down when Mercury turns retrograde, too. Don’t expect a quick fix: A quirky quincunx between the Sun and taciturn Saturn on April 19 points you toward additional discussions.

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