Leo Weekly Horoscope March 9, 2015

Leo March Weekly Horoscope 2015

This is not an easy week in love but it may be a promising one for a small cross section of Lions with the 12th all day, later hours of the 13th and 15th along with all day the 17th showing great promise for 'lasting' and rewarding hook ups! Arguments tend to resurrect or expand out of control near the later hours of the 14th and all day the 18th.

Run it past a pal first! Love, business, psychological or decision, it doesn't matter; find a good sounding board this week and sound off! IF that does not work, then find a pro. This week is 'fraught with mistakes' and you'll find your share of them but some help will 'cut down' on the percentages.

Depending upon the industry you are IN, this week can either be a nightmare you must successfully navigate or a choppy sea you'll sail part way and then sink in. Pit falls appear to be trying too hard, push too much, not working with a 'clear head' and expecting too much from others upon whom you've placed miscalculated trust/confidence. Keep your finger, hand and eye invested in all 'delegated duty' this week, especially IF you work in the communications, publication, transpiration, multi-level, mega corporate or political industries.

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