Scorpio April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Scorpio Horoscope April 2015

There’s something alluring in the air. Venus, the planet of attraction, entered indulgent Taurus and your 7th House of Partnerships on March 31. Interactive Mercury joins the party on April 2, introducing you to reliable individuals and inviting sweet conversation. However, your penetrating mind may be threatening to stubborn people who don’t want to explore as deeply as you. But their presence is a reminder that sometimes life can be simple and straightforward, so avoid drilling them with suspicious questions. Saturn backs into Virgo and your 11th House of Groups on April 7, where it will linger until July 21, providing you with another chance to redefine your commitments to friends, colleagues, and your dreams.

The New Moon in enterprising Aries falls in your 6th House of Health and Work on April 14, bringing new tasks as well as the motivation to develop different skills—even seek professional independence. However, heady Mercury’s retrograde turn on April 18 can slow your ability to learn and complicate travel plans for the rest of the month. This backward shift in your 7th House of Others falls in sluggish Taurus, a likely cause of delays in getting information in and getting your message out.

The Sun’s entry into Taurus on April 20 attracts supportive partners who tend to be sweet and sensual but resistant to taking risks. Then the air starts crackling with creativity—which may cause fights with your peers—as strict Saturn opposes unruly Uranus on April 26 in a series of oppositions that began last fall and finishes on July 26. On April 28, the Full Moon in Scorpio brings an emotional jolt with its square to combative Mars. Conflict may reshape a relationship, and your desire for passion can drive you to extremes.

Key Dates for Scorpio April 2015

It’s hard to avoid being sexy and sassy with scrumptious Venus in Taurus making a tantalizing square to Mars in hot-blooded Leo on April 3. You may have some awkward moments if desires aren’t mutual and attempts at seduction fail, yet social recovery is possible when a Venus-Pluto trine on April 4 helps you to make the best of any situation. An aggressive Mercury-Mars square on April 5 provokes sharp comments and rapid reactions that are best countered with verbal selfrestraint. Mercury’s trine to penetrating Pluto on April 6 is ideal for addressing a delicate issue requiring careful communication.

Mars and Pluto rub each other the wrong way, making small tasks feel like monumental projects. Let’s just say that the mood is not entirely cooperative, even if you’re behaving like a pussycat. In fact, giving in to others may not be enough to calm their ire or relieve your tension. It’s going to take world-class people skills to know when to put your foot down and when to back off. Focusing on a solo project where you have total authority to change the rules is a good way to transform frustration into productivity.

APRIL 17–18
This could be a socially stressful Saturday with good-natured Venus clashing with insatiable Pluto on April 17. Chatty Mercury’s retrograde turn on the 18th adds another layer of complication in the form ofmissed messages or outright deception. Unresolved relationship issues may grow more intense, and it’s possible to blame someone else or fall into a state of denial. A healthier option, however, is to let discontent expose feelings that you can discussed now without expecting immediate resolution.

What you don’t say may be more important than what you do today, since retrograde Mercury’s square to militant Mars can dig up old dirt that’s better left untouched. The conscious Sun’s trine to secret-agent Pluto reminds you of the old Scorpio principle—power grows when used discreetly. You will find personal strength in well-chosen moments of silence.

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