Scorpio Weekly Horoscope March 9, 2015

Scorpio March Weekly Horoscope 2015

Romance does very well but many Stingers are in the mood to rid themselves of troublesome 'burdens' and 'get on with it' in new opportunities. Changes may come from new opportunities 'tempting' you into action near the 13th, again the 14th and possibly from a discussion or 'info revealed' the 15th.

Friends may ask very little this week and IF you find yourself 'volunteering' be sure you are clear about what it IS you are offering and build conditions clearly into that which you've chosen to donate, especially IF you find yourself committing near the 12/13th or 17/18th.

This can be a week where things happen very fast and go from 'one extreme to the other' quickly, starting the 12th, again the 14/15th and even off site or after hours the 17th. IF you schmooze with power people the 18th, be very respectful of space, circumstance and comments made. Mercury is retro and some comments may be taken out of context, especially IF you are dealing with Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries personalities.

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