Taurus April Horoscope 2015

Monthly Taurus Horoscope April 2015

Life shifts into high gear this month as planets leave your 12th House of Privacy to shine the spotlight on you and your 1st House of Personality. Venus, your delicious ruling planet, began the parade on March 31, enhancing your appearance and boosting your self-confidence through April 25. Her presence in your sign makes you more attractive whether you’re casual in old jeans or dressed to kill in couture clothes. When you feel good, you look good, so making yourself happy is a high priority now. Cerebral Mercury enters Taurus on April 2 to sharpen your mind with increased self-awareness and enrich your words with power and precision. However, the messenger planet turns retrograde on April 18, reminding you to exercise caution to avoid mishaps and misunderstanding. Fortunately, the Sun steps out of the shadows of your 12th House on April 20, energizing your spirit, enlivening your creativity, and encouraging you to be a strong leader.

Managerial Saturn slips back into methodical Virgo on April 7, returning to your expressive 5th House until July 21. This is a good time to restart unfinished artistic projects and get back on track with a romantic interest that’s been sidetracked by the demands of your daily routine.

The fiery Aries New Moon on April 14 shoots rockets of intuition into your 12th House of Spirituality, reviving your faith, stimulating your dreams, and spurring you to take risks by acting on your highest ideals. On April 28, the passionate Scorpio Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners intensifies relationships. Assertive Mars in demonstrative Leo squares the Sun-Moon opposition, producing drama that challenges the status quo. It’s better to fight for what you want instead of passively accepting less than you desire.

Key Dates for Taurus April 2015

Being certain that you’re right is not necessarily proof that you are. If you find yourself arguing and unwilling to consider alternative points of view on April 2, it could be a clue that you’re way off track. The ring of truth is heard with a calm and open mind, while the clunk of misapplied conviction replaces facts with force. Retreating isn’t your favorite maneuver, but it’s better than pushing in the wrong direction. Happily, playful Venus shows that you’re ready for fun, while an overly optimistic semisquare to Jupiter can lead to excess. A sexy square between Venus and her consort Mars on April 3 paints an erotic picture where the boundaries between flirting and fighting are easily crossed. Be clear about the signals you send if you’re longing for pleasure more than provocation.

You face complicated issues with lightness and a sense of humor that makes it easy to turn a loss into a gain. Yes, you can see the dark side of things—perhaps even imagining the worst—yet a Venus-Jupiter sextile reveals enormous potential for happiness. Don’t get bogged down in doubt; let go of someone or something important if you must. Doing so makes room for an even better experience.

APRIL 23–25
Romance is in the air when Venus squares otherworldly Neptune on April 23. This super-sensitive pair often conjures unrealistic dreams, but this time you’re able to make the magic real. Fantasy comes down to earth with the help of karmic Saturn on April 24 before Venus leaves Taurus the next day. Possibilities for creative selfexpression expand with surprises that can free you from the limits of your old rules and expectations.

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