Taurus May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Taurus

Your challenge this month is managing the flow between the real and the ideal, because limit-setting Saturn will connect with both boundless Neptune and flamboyant Jupiter. A slippery quincunx between Saturn and Neptune on May 2 is the second in a series that began on September 12, 2009, and ends on June 27. Steady growth and staying on top of your responsibilities may not be easy.

The secret is a flexible attitude, which lets you adapt to the shifts from heavenly highs to earthly lows and the contrasts between dreams and necessities. An opposition between optimistic Jupiter and pessimistic Saturn on May 23 can leave you feeling overwhelmed by your daily tasks or anxious to expand your professional horizons. This is the first step in a process of reassessing your long-term goals that will reoccur on August 16 and March 28, 2016, giving you plenty of time to formulate a workable plan. More immediately, communicative Mercury turns direct on May 11, allowing information to flow more easily after three weeks of a retrograde slowdown.

The stubborn Taurus New Moon on May 13 squares feisty Mars and meandering Neptune, sending you off on a wild goose chase. Battling for a cause is noble, but be aware that misplaced anger will waste precious time and energy. The Sun enters networking Gemini on May 20, bringing fresh air to your 2nd House of Resources that could stimulate new money-making ideas.

The reckless abandon of the Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius on May 27 is heightened by revolutionary Uranus’s entry into irrepressible Aries. The urge to stretch your boundaries may provoke risky behavior, but that’s ultimately more exciting and rewarding than standing still.

Taurus Key Dates May 2015

MAY 3–4
Quick and clever thinking can get you out of a tight spot as Mars in defiant Leo stirs up drama on the home front. His stressful semisquare with Saturn on May 3 and a tough square with the Sun on May 4 can produce struggles with authority figures. You may be ready to burst with explosive Uranus in the picture as well. Yet this innovative planet’s magical quintile with Venus sparks intuitive answers that can turn a dangerous moment into a playful one.

A slick sextile between sweet Venus and sassy Mars smooths out your personal life. Your easygoing attitude and contagious sense of humor lighten the atmosphere with friends and colleagues by toning down tempers and turning work into play. You can be sexy with subtlety, enabling you to send signals of interest without risk of embarrassment. This light touch makes you more lovable and ensures a good time regardless of the circumstances.

MAY 23
A fierce Venus-Pluto opposition brings unfinished issues back into the spotlight. It’s tempting to avoid conflict and pacify the situation by giving in to someone else, but that’s like putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound. If you can calmly address your powerful feelings, it’s possible to regain trust and joy that you once thought were gone for good.

MAY 28–31
It’s time to toughen up and fight for what you want. Aggressive Mars cuffs Venus with a snappy semisquare on May 28 that challenges you to take risks in your personal life. The potential for intimacy grows when you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and explore new emotional and physical territory. Venus’s passage over the passive South Node of the Moon on May 31 tempts you to withdraw, yet the love and approval you crave come from courageously pushing ahead instead of holding yourself back.

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