Virgo May 2015

Monthly Horoscope May 2015 for Virgo

Reshaping a long-range vision to fit your current reality can turn this into a highly productive month for you. Adjusting your sights is easier when sharp-eyed Mercury turns direct in your 9th House of Big Ideas on May 11. The maintenance work of the three previous weeks pays off with a clearer path to the journey of your dreams, additional education, or a philosophical awakening.

The sensible Taurus New Moon in your 9th House on May 13 underscores the opportunities that come from casting your mind beyond the limits of your daily routine and seeing yourself in a wider world of meaning and purpose. Harsh squares to the New Moon from restless Mars and boundless Neptune may produce unreachable fantasies and irritating challenges. Yet even the wildest of dreams may come true as concrete Saturn and visionary Jupiter support this lunation. Let inspiration take you as far as it can, then allow those images to sink in deeply before you act on them.

The Sun’s entry into jittery Gemini and your 10th House of Public Responsibility on May 20 could lead to overcommitment and too many distractions. However, Jupiter’s opposition to practical Saturn on May 23—recurring on August 16 and January 4, 2016—pulls you back to a more strategic perspective that helps you set priorities. Scintillating Uranus enters excitable Aries and your 8th House of Intimacy on May 27— staying there until August 13 and then settling in for a seven-year stay on March 11, 2016—to enliven partnerships with surprises. The fiery Full Moon in far-reaching Sagittarius on May 27 feeds your 4th House of Security with a taste for adventure that encourages honesty and risk taking, both at home and in your professional life.

Virgo Key Dates May 2015

MAY 9–11
Discretion is essential on May 9—a day when careless comments can incite strong emotions. Avoid quick responses to pushy people on May 11, because Mercury’s direct turn punishes spontaneity and rewards careful reflection.

MAY 17–18
High expectations can get cut down to size as desirous Venus whets your appetite for pleasure with a square to extravagant Jupiter on May 17, followed by a square with naysayer Saturn on May 18. This abrupt shift from insatiable hunger for love, pleasure, and approval to a steel curtain of denial can be confusing for relationships— both personal and professional. It may be hard to trust others or your own judgment. A tough Mars-Pluto sesquisquare on the 17th can bring frustration to a boil; happily, a more forgiving mood arrives with a Venus-Neptune trine late the following day.

MAY 23
It won’t take much to arouse deep feelings today, for an intense opposition between passionate Venus and manipulative Pluto occurs on the same day as the Jupiter-Saturn opposition. This pair of 180-degree angles can whip you through highs and lows of hope and doubt that stir up buried feelings of resentment or regret. Still, getting to the heart of what you hunger for can energize you. You’re motivated now to make profound changes in how you use your talents to attract the love and money you desire.

MAY 27–29
Family secrets may be revealed in an outburst of honesty fueled by the blunt Sagittarius Full Moon in your 4th House of Roots on May 27. You could feel overwhelmed by the truth and unprepared to use it effectively. Talkative Mercury’s tense aspects to Saturn on May 28 and Jupiter on May 29 give your words extra weight. Instead of letting them be held against you, fix them in your mind to shape your vision for the future. It’s essential to counter any negative thinking with constructive ideas to keep the doors of opportunity open wide.

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